Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation, I am doing the healing in Astral, and a guide called John is channeling through Miriam – 1990 Geoff     I have an old man here.  He’s lying in a hospital bed in one of the iron curtain countries.  There are very bare walls almost like a prison cell.  It does not look clean or antiseptic.  There are stone walls and a stone floor.  The old gentleman is lying in bed – I think he’s dying.  A nurse has just pulled the covers half way down and sort of tucked him in.  He doesn’t really know what is going on and she’s walked away.  His eyes are very sunken and he is some form of scientist or inventor.  He had a certain job to do on earth and he hasn’t completed it.  I know he’s not dead.  We have to just give him a little strength.  He has the knowledge for some formula that will do good for mankind, but he’s never passed it on to anybody else because he wanted the accolades, or he wanted to do it his way. Whatever, but he will be getting a visitor who understands what he has been working on, and this old man will pass on the information to the visitor.  I think it is two days before this visitor will arrive and we must give this man enough energy to survive physically for those two days, and a certain amount of energy will be stored so that when he has to pass on this information, he can talk lucidly and clearly. Miriam (John)     That is an excellent diagnosis, and quite correct. Geoff    Good. Miriam (John)     It is very, very good.  This is John speaking. Geoff    Welcome John. Miriam (John)     But you also saw that he did leave his body for awhile – for an instant – and realised it was not to be – or was told it was not to be and was back in his body in no time. Verna      I got that it was easier for us to give him the energy and the love when he was out of his body. Miriam (John)     He did take part of the power that is already established here, but now if you will concentrate more and give him that little bit extra that he needs. Geoff    I think that where we have to give it to him is in the top of the head….. Miriam (John)     Yes. Geoff    ……and he will store so much of this energy just inside the skull – it’s like icing sugar against the inside of the skull.  It’s white and if all four of us now concentrate on putting the energy into the crown chakra and just building it up just inside. Miriam (John)     That will be splendid. Geoff    His spiritual body will distribute the energy as and when necessary to keep him for these next two or three days. Miriam (John)     It was very good of you to pick up the fact that he had to pass on this knowledge. Geoff     Good.  We’ll leave a bit of energy around the room and leave him to it.

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