Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – Yes, it is a beautiful feeling. Right let’s think of the next one. I have on the right a spirit on my shoulder, and he has four black pygmies with him, but I can’t see them so clearly as yet, I will go right in amongst them and try pick up their vibrations. Miriam (Dr Paul) – That is what you must do and we will send you power. Geoff – They are entities, there is a large cave full of boulders with a stream running through, and they are entities that are ready to progress and move out into the sunlight, where their change will begin, in a way it is like a passing over on a smaller scale. They look like, they understand what I am thinking and they are laughing at how I was going to describe them, at first they looked like giant raisins, but their form is not entirely physical as we know it, not flesh and bone, it is a gassy substance which is very thick and floats just off the ground. They hide in shadows and move very fast and had a barren life existence, but between the four of them they can communicate with telepathy. They can make squeaky noises, but they don’t use this for communication, they used to use it but with the years they have spent in this cave, they have developed this form of telepathy, which is part of their progress. Their life is safe and secure and they have had this mental existence for so long that they feel totally secure where they are, the spirit that is waiting to help them is outside the cave and they have been asked to come out so that they can progress, as they do come out because of the sunlight on their makeup, the gassy substance, it will change to a white almost invisible gas. And then they will be taken by this spirit to a different dimension. So what they want from me, because I am earth vibration, the spirit outside the cave is a higher spiritual vibration, they are in between, higher than the earth vibration, but not high enough to be spiritual. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Yes Geoff – What they want is just some assistance in communication, a bit of reassurance. It is as if all the people on the lower vibration, they haven’t communicated before, they haven’t seen them for many years, they have only been able to speak to the higher vibration, and they need to speak to the lower vibration to show them that there is normal world out there, or that everything is as it was before they developed. Miriam (Dr Paul) – You are quite right, because in time they will come back to earth, just for a little while, and then to the different vibration. Geoff – They are already starting to change, the colour is going to a deep maroon, and they are going out of the mouth of the cave now, and they are hovering with the spirits and they are waving goodbye, they are quite content and happy, there was no real drama there. Miriam (Dr Paul) – No but in a way it was not a rescue, but a helping hand, and if you remember you have been told about these creatures in the caves before and how they communicated. And there are still places like that on earth. Geoff – They were very happy. When I started that, Pauline was frightened and I got her to stand behind me, and the five women helpers that were with her stayed behind. As she felt the feeling through me that these were very happy people she came back out and found it very amusing. Miriam (Dr Paul) – She has enjoyed her evening, and she will be back. Probably just in astral.

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