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Easy rescue of woman about to cross over By SpiritualDictionary.com

The change (11)
Verna – I have got a mist, a very thick mist or fog and there is somebody walking around in this absolutely lost, I don’t know if they are spirit or ……..
Geoff – Yes, Mildred is here, she is a woman we rescued in Germany, and her friend is walking in this mist, confused and lost and it is on the edge of the grey lands, and she asks if we can walk in…………….. you must wait here and I must walk in.
Verna – But it is white mist, so it is not bad, it is okay
Geoff – No, not dangerous, the woman is lost, her name is Margaret. I cannot see why she is there but I will walk into the mist and meet her.
Verna – You will cause a path of light by breaking the mist and she will see you.
Geoff – I have her now and I put my arms around her, and she is confused she has created this mist, it is her own doing, she did not believe in life after death, and when she passed over she saw spirit and life on the other side, but was so adamant that there was no life after death, that she could not accept it and put it out of her mind and this created a safety barrier of mist around her. She has had time now to settle down yet still retains this barrier, by creating the path through the mist using the love of her friend Mildred, I have now given her love and understanding which, she can feel, and she looks upon this shaft of light where the mist has cleared, and can see her friend Mildred at the other end.
I will walk with her to the edge of the mist so she can see her friend more clearly, because Mildred cannot step into the mist. We stand now on the edge, we must tell her that what she sees is an illusion, it is not the work of the devil, which is what her mind thinks, we must let her feel the love that we have for all mankind. She must feel the love from this circle, and it will give her the strength to step across this small stream, which is her last barrier.
And as she looks and sees Mildred, behind her are many members of her family and friends that have died in recent years, and she can feel their love and vibrations, and she steps across and is quickly surrounded by these people, and she feels the love and emotion and happiness, and she is at peace. The mist disappeared as she stepped across, and she is being taken now up to spirit, now we can leave her to continue.
May be an image of 6 people and text that says "ॐ ++女里 Spiritualism is not a Religion It's an understanding of all of them"

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