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In this meditation Verna is doing the healing and a guide called Dr. Paul is channelling through Miriam. Verna: And now they’ve brought us a baby in the embryo stage in the mother’s tummy. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. And why? Verna: The mother is a drug addict. Miriam (Dr Paul) And what do you think we can do – what you can do. Verna: What we have to do is clean the baby’s blood but, oh no, wait – we have to put a filter in between the mother’s….in the umbilical cord. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Verna: Wow. Miriam (Dr Paul) Very difficult to imagine. Verna: Because this baby – the mother won’t be – she’s a very good person and this has happened by chance – by accident – it wasn’t foreseen in the karma when the baby chose its mother. The baby is not to be born a drug addict, and he’s not to have the pain that’s he is going through. The mother must learn slowly but we must give her spiritual upliftment to help fight this. We’ll do that first… by giving her a silver color – her whole body. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is right. And do you have a separate color for the baby? Verna: Yes, then we go inside – she’s still got the silver color wrapped around her like a cocoon while we work on the child. Once again, Luke, they’ve put the umbilical cord in your hand, so they’re asking you to put your hand round the cord and then we’ll put like a nylon stocking – if you can imagine a nylon stocking but it’s also silver. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Verna: And we put this in the – we turn the umbilical cord into like a nylon stocking Miriam (Dr Paul) Quite right. Verna: ….and this will help and then we imagine the same silver running through the baby’s blood stream especially down the spine. Miriam (Dr Paul) Do you not get another little color for the baby. Verna: Yes – um. They’re giving me lemon. Miriam (Dr Paul) A lemony-gold – lemony-gold but it’s very, very good. I am very pleased with you. Verna: We wrap the baby up in this lemon blanket like you would wrap a baby up. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes, yes – that is it. That is its own special color. Verna: Now if the mother doesn’t go off the drugs this won’t last too long, and they will either bring it back here or take her to another circle, and they’ll have to continually do this but they are working with the mother. But she is very lost at the moment because her or, I don’t think she’s married – but her lover has turned against her and or – no, he hasn’t turned against her, he’s with her but he has a nasty streak in him Miriam (Dr Paul) He has. Verna: ..and he, in spite of her falling pregnant, he is blaming her and therefore he is feeding her drugs. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Give her a lot of love and a lot of encouragement. Verna: Deep down he is a very nice person but he is taking his anger out on her and he is doing this through drugs. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is very good work. Very good indeed and the baby will be protected and that is the main thing.

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