Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


EMBRYOS OF HIGHER SPIRITS   By Geoff: I’ve got some forms. They look like children with very large heads and very small bodies. They’re – they’re fetuses, I think. They don’t have any eyes, or nose or mouth – it’s just a brain there and the body is like an undeveloped child’s body. There are quite a few of them in this room, and the room has some big black doors, which I’ll go through in a minute. The life in these children, I’ll call them, is a very light green luminous inside the head, but they don’t seem to have an awful lot of life. It’s as if they have the basics, but have yet to have anything put in their minds. They have a life force but no intelligence. Guide: That’s it. No intelligence yet. Geoff: The first thing they’re taught to respond to is love, and only after that can intelligence be added. I’m not sure what they are at this stage. They seem to be like fetuses but I’ll go through these black doors and see what’s inside. There’s very little there – just rock – like twisted rock. On the right hand side in the wall is what looks to be like an aquarium. I put my hand in the water – in this aquarium thing – and it’s immediately coated with very fine crystals. These crystals are a form of communication. It’s being shown to me like this – it’s not really like this. What I just saw were fetuses, and they have to have a connection from basically from upstairs. They’re like just been made. When they are ready to go to the stage of being conceived, or a certain time after conception – a few months after conception – they started off by being put through this water, so they are covered by these minute, little crystals, which gives them the connection to their spiritual life upstairs. So that when they are born, spirit can communicate with them, so the crystals act as a receiver. Guide: You are right so far but I would like you to go further back and tell me prior to what they are now. Geoff: What they are prior to what I’ve just seen you mean? Guide: Yes. Geoff: Okay – if I was upstairs ready to be reincarnated, I would obviously have all my memory taken away. Therefore I would need to be connected to my higher self. The forms are fetuses in their blank form, if you like, and I would enter one of these fetuses, the link would be made with the crystals, and then I would go to be born. That’s not the answer you want, is it? Guide: No, it is not the answer I want. That does apply in some cases but that is not the answer I want. Remember that some, the majority of babies born, have some retentive memories which are why they can communicate with spirit. So you must go back, put your mind to it again and think where this special lot come from. Geoff: Right. In that case I shall go back in the room with them. Guide: It is a difficult one, I agree. Geoff: They are similar to our higher self. I’ve just asked my higher self for help and it showed me a picture of him looking exactly the same way, which I think is some form of clue. Guide: Yes. I would like more if you can give it. Geoff: I’m just trying to get closer to these. I can see a higher capacity for intelligence and spiritual development. Guide: Yes. Geoff: The heads are larger, shown to me larger, because they will take up far more space…so a well developed spiritual teacher would use these specific bodies. Guide: Yes, that is it. That is what I wanted you to say. Not the usual embryo. Geoff: Yes. Guide: Now, why would they be born without any memories? Geoff: Because they must first learn to adapt on earth, and once they’ve settled in there, they don’t have to have more lessons. Once they are old enough with earth vibrations to accept it then they will be given memories. Guide: Yes. Rather a difficult one but you achieved it. Geoff: Good. Good. Guide: And your higher self likes to be asked but not that it will always be given. Geoff: OK, That was good

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