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Emotions of Royalty



In this meditation (1992) the guide is Dr. Lee Chang channeling through Miriam. Geoff: It seems that the topic for tonight is emotions. Guide: It is, friend. Geoff: I’m now getting a rather overweight person – looks very much like Henry the 8th sitting in a wooden alcove. I’ve taken his position. I think he was just shown to me like Henry the 8th so I would understand that he is a type of Royalty so as to understand the emotion that Royalty has. Right from the beginning, Royalty has not had a simple family life where it can understand simple emotions. There is etiquette and decorum and they are trained from very young to accept this. If they were brought up, for instance by a very loving family or loving parents, their emotions would be a lot more developed. They are brought up normally by nannies with a variety of names that treat them more coldly than a parent would. Guide: Much more coldly as you yourself have experienced in the past. Geoff: Right. This is to make them not depend on emotion in the wrong circumstances. They cannot go to their families for sympathy or to speak to them – that sort of attitude. Each successive year they are taught more and more about how they should act as regards to their position and they are denied a lot of basic emotions and experiences that other children would have. This makes their view when they grow up a lot stricter and also separates them from the ordinary people. I can see a strong figure looking at the public and thinking of the public as just people, and they are not thinking of them emotionally as people – not understanding them as people. The decisions that they make are for the good of the whole and the whole being Royalty and public combined, such as the whole of Great Britain. Although they don’t make so many decisions these days they must still have that in their makeup. Because they cannot understand emotion, they rule without emotion which can be a good thing. They rule with the mind rather than the heart so that their decisions are based more on financial matters and long term planning, than on emotion and how other people feel. This can cause them problems as well because when there are upsets in the country such as war, drought, famine, poverty, they tend to make these very impersonal decisions which at time can anger the people. In the olden days on many occasions, when the gap was a lot wider, the people would plan the assassination of Royalty or their removal from power. How they did this was through a group emotion. The group emotion would create an energy force, which a small group of people would use. If you had for instance a dozen people wanting to remove Royalty from power, and they had the support of ten million people they would receive energy from these ten million through thought forms, creating a very strong determination and power to use. Although at most times people didn’t realise that this power was there, but it gave them the encouragement, motivation, strength, to go ahead and proceed with the will of the people. Guide: There is more for you to see. Geoff: I have put myself back in a position of Royalty and I’m looking at it changing. For instance with the current Royalty in England they are becoming more and more in tune with people, and as it progresses they will become closer and therefore more understanding of the people. Guide: And do you think this will be a good thing. Geoff: Um..not really. Guide: Yes, you’re quite right. There has to be a difference. Geoff: Yes, you must have discipline and somebody who is a figure of authority, but their experience will give them wisdom, which will help them to do what’s best for the people, and the Country, without causing emotional upsets.

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