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EMPTY ENERGY CARRIERS By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation I am being shown a scenario in astral by a Guide called John, who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff:    I’m traveling and it looks like I’m traveling to a different form of “creation”.  Just wait and see.  I have one child on my lap who wants to come and visit and she wants to listen to the next story.  They’ve explained that these experiences that I’m relating and so on are not for her ears, because obviously she’s not old enough yet but what she hears is different from what I’m saying – because she in a way wants to listen to a bedtime story as she used to, and she is creating in her own mind the bedtime story while I’m talking.  So, I’m talking on one particular subject and she’s listening to another one as if I’m talking.  They (spirit) said it’s fine.  She’ll come here, she’ll sleep and they’ll take her away again because it’s earth vibrations – it’s a mixture of what she used to do on earth and, of course, what she’s learnt now being in spirit for quite a while so she enjoys this and it does no harm to anybody, and that’s what will happen and we must just continue. John:    Isn’t that good for her? Geoff:    It’s nice because I’m being loved as well which is great. John:    Yes. Geoff:    It’s a lovely feeling.  Right, I’m now at a group of tennis courts surrounded by houses.  I don’t know where it is but in the middle of these tennis courts is this big – it’s like a sinkhole.  I don’t know if it’s just happened or whether it’s an area that’s cordoned off.   I can see very clearly the edges of the grass and so on. It’s been there for a long time – it’s not a sinkhole but it looks like one.  It’s a hole in the ground – it’s been fenced off and everybody thinks it is now stable but there is something very nasty down there. It’s funny I never hesitate to go into one of these. John:    I was just going to say that you have no fear these days. Geoff:    No, I’ve got no fear.  I never hesitate to go in but this time I have – because whatever it is, is stronger than normal but also I be able to see so much of it before I go in,  so all I’m doing is being cautious because I may need others to help or whatever.  Let’s see what else I can see.  It’s a group of things.  It’s totally negative because it’s black but there are thousands upon thousands of them.  A group of them.  I don’t know what they’re doing there.  They’re like tapeworms.  It’s a negative energy source that can penetrate the body.  I put my hand in there and they ran up through my body and all around it.  I’m protected so it doesn’t worry me and to get them out I just sort of white lighted them backward and it wasn’t a problem.  I’m just trying to see if they’re going through my physical or spiritual body.  I’m not even sure if they are evil – just black energy forms.  I’ll go inside and have a closer look. John:    You have a wonderful white canopy.  A canopy of white protection over you.  You have nothing to fear. Geoff:    No, I have no fear.  These things are drawn to each other. They’ve collected together as a group because there is safety in numbers.  They were created as dark energy but they seem to be in limbo.  It’s as if they were changing back to positive energy.  I’m going to try and talk to them as a group mind – talk to their group mind and see what happens.  They’re not evil – they’re not dark.  I can….I can connect in a way.  I can feel as a group that they’re not bad – they’re…….um… John:    Created? Geoff:    Yes.  I thought just now that they were created as “carriers of energy”. John:    Yes.  I got the one word but you weren’t quite sure of what you would see. Geoff:    Alright, so they were created as carriers of energy, and once the energy was delivered to where it had to be then because they were created they had a very basic mind which they needed to deliver the energy.  Once the energy was delivered, then they just floated around and when they came across similar creations as themselves their simple minds told them to join together. John:    Yes. Geoff:    That’s what they’re all doing down there.  Right, now I’ve got to decide what to do with them.  If they are a creation and they have a mind, even though it’s very limited, then they must progress and learn and develop. John:    Yes. Geoff:    So therefore I must hand them over to somebody who can look after this developing process. John:    Now you have it. Geoff:    And as I’ve said it several people appear (laughter) and he’s showing me he’s like a shepherd and he collects all these things and they’re all going to go off in a group and they go off with him – and he will look after them and they will progress from there.  How very strange.  That was definitely different.  (laughter) John:    Different to what you thought it was going to be. Geoff:    Oh, that’s a really funny one.  It’s great.

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