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Energy and the Butterfly effect.

March 29 2022 What you focus on, you create, and teach groups of people (butterfly effect)

 In this meditations Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

 Now the next thing I’ve got is a lot of people, a lot of traffic, it’s sort of in, it’s a bit like Time Square in New York. You can imagine all the yellow cabs and cars and people, the hustle and bustle and everything. And it’s all coming towards us. It’s a bit like an exodus, coming into the city. I’m not sure what that means, I will go down a bit closer. This is people looking for change.

S: Yes, I was just going to say ‘it’s people searching’.

With what we know, we could, or we want to sort of change everybody. Because with this new awareness we are able to see far more people, we are able to see groups of people and so on. But they say ‘no, that is not the way to go’. What you need to do is get into a small group of people. And teach them and change their energy and point them in the right direction. And they will start passing on this information to others and that’s how it will expand. It’s basically an extension of what Mom used to do. And it’s also a part of what you will be doing here with this blue lotus and expansion and so on.

There are many others doing exactly the same thing because this change has been on the cards for many many years. We’ve all known it’s going to happen. And so therefore we have been putting people into place, over many many years. And with walk-ins as well and group energies and all sorts of things, ready for this change. So you are certainly not alone. You will be meeting up with other people, other groups and working with other groups. But what you are doing is a little bit,… you have more of a direction. You have a specific task, put it that way. To deal with these people. They have different tasks; different energies and they have gone in to change different things. And as we have been discussing, with all the different energy levels, you can’t work on all the levels at once. So we have allowed you to understand all of these levels, but you will be working just on the human level, the human energy, to change people’s minds, to point them in the right direction, to make them think the right way, to educate them into the spiritual world, to understand how the Earth is changing and what needs to be done. And just by putting it into their minds, you will start to create this change. They will then start to learn more and expand and then they will start to teach others. And over the next generation or so, the whole thing will start to change and evolve and so on. Now it cannot be a fast process because of the sheer volume of the people. But you will get it to a tipping point, where suddenly the majority of people are thinking the right way, and suddenly this change will speed up. And you go into this bright new future. It will be after you pass over. But you will be in the starting blocks, if you like, and doing the first rounds of teaching and passing on energy, making decisions, working with us on different levels. So you have a very beautiful future, a very enjoyable future to do and also it will be hard work at times, but it will be enjoyable hard work

S: yes.

And it’s what your soul’s desire to do. And that is the most important part.

S: doesn’t matter how hard I work, as long as I’m enjoying it.

Exactly. It’s not just this lifetime that you are being trained, if you like, for this change in directions. Many lives that you have had before, you’ve learnt various, so many different aspects of how this change will happen. And it’s this change now, that is putting everything together for you. And that’s why it’s all coming together so fast. You are getting a much greater understanding, it’s bringing back memories from your past lives. More understanding, so that you can go ahead and do what you need to do, what you chose to do, on a very comfortable, a very satisfying and rewarding level.


Geoff:  And he seems to have gone.

He didn’t say goodbye, nothing like that,  he just sort of finished. And I think what they are saying is he is talking to many many people right now, at the same time, with similar things. Because there are a lot more people going through this change.

And that’s it.


That was all the energy I was getting outside. That guy was from a much higher level and it’s like the information was in a split second that he did, passed onto me, I made more energy to open it up to… and his voice came through with all the correct information. It was like he did an instant voice note. And just sent it down and I translated it.


S: And then sent it out.


G: yes. Because I was getting hot, I had all that energy out there and I was getting hotter and hotter and then when I started I had to take my shirt off. And even now I’m still cooking, which is good.

S: There was some energy put into my head here which I could feel coming in. And just, again, there was a stage where I got like so hot. I was like “dude seriously?”.

S: The heat is not normal heat. It like radiates out.

G: Yes, it’s power, it’s energy.

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