Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

ENERGY CENTERS OF INDIA  By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation I am being shown a lesson in Astral, and a Guide called Ishmael is channeling through Miriam. Geoff:     I’ve got an entrance to a temple – a modern temple which is being built.  It’s not so much a temple – it’s two Chinese people and they’re sort of laying tiles to the entrance of a smallish house but I know it will be a place of worship of some sort.  They are part of something new – a new way of thinking of either religion or life and they are putting it into practice and I’ll go inside and see exactly what is inside.  There’s nothing in here at all – it’s totally bare.  Because of their way of life they don’t actually need stalls or benches or ornaments on the wall or whatever.  They started with a small square room and it is very clean, and clean spiritually and those that meet there will leave behind their memories and vibrations, and this place will become like a library.  Over the years it will get built up with more and more information, and when advanced people want to know more they will go there and they can learn from the past experiences in this place.  It will be safe from wars or other religions, because there is nothing in this room at all – totally empty – and will be seen to be empty.  Only those that are experienced will be able to see and pick up the vibrations of what has happened there.  Now, there are two men and they give me a light blue colour, which is healers – healing colour – and they were taught by an old soul who years ago passed over and they decided that with the knowledge they had gained so far they would do what they thought was right, and because so many others were developing even spiritually on a much lower level than them, they had no one to really to teach them since their teacher passed over.  They decided it would be nice to start from scratch with a nice clean room and then put into it the correct vibrations and build up a sort of library.  Now, they do this by meditating there as we are doing this evening, and the spirits come through and give experiences and so on in that is stored in the room, and it will be there for many centuries to come.  That is their way of contributing to the advancement of people on earth – advancement of spiritual growth – for those who want it on earth and they are quite content to do this. They have very little materially but they know that it is right and they are quite content to go ahead in this little room that has become something so special to them. Miriam (Ishmael)     Can you tell me how they will keep away the negative thoughts that others have who wish to enter.  There is a way. Geoff:     Just before we spoke I saw the inside begin to fill with gold which is a very powerful energy, and I think we will link up with these in later years – but to get to your question – you see, the more energy you keep in one room the more strength you create so as people come in with “evil” intentions, those intentions are suppressed back into the aura of the person who came in. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes.  But those who are evil will find it very difficult to get in – they will not persevere. Geoff:     Yes.  It will be a center which is used a lot by spirit.  The energy that is kept there – this golden energy – can be used by the two men there and also can be used by spirit directing it to different areas in the surrounding country. I’ve left there and moved upward and looking down I can see that this is another town in India.  We have been to India a lot lately and seen similar occurrences.  As India – these are being built really for the future – and as India gets out of its current spiritual lethargy, then the power will be available for the people to use when they are ready to use it. Miriam (Ishmael)     But they have a long way to go yet. Geoff:     But it is being prepared. Miriam (Ishmael)     That is so. Geoff:     I can see this gold light connecting up the various power centers we’ll call them.  Although it is gold it is different from the gold that we get when we link up with circles. Miriam (Ishmael)     Oh yes – vibrations? Geoff:     It looks like a stronger solid bar of gold – a shinier colour gold.  It’s just what it looks like to me.  The gold that we have when linking up with circles is a bright, luminous type of gold. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes – one is more advanced. Geoff:     Right – I’ll follow one of these gold leads to – it’s like a main area.  Now, this is north and to the west – North West India – and I can see a large area where there is turmoil.  There was a very big central point where this energy was stored – like a main center – and it is now in a state of confusion.  It is somewhere around Bhutan or Southern Tibet. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes – Southern Tibet. Geoff:     Now, what I see is this huge golden circle with so much power but it is now full of rock.  Instead of being a perfect circle it is distorted with the rock in the middle – like a vein of gold underneath the ground.  There is a lot of power there but has to be brought to full use again.  The Lamas and the monks that were there – many advanced in their own ways and because they were brought up to learn this as a way of life from a very young age, there were many that believed….  They might not have really appreciated it for what it was because to them it was just a way of life, and as they progressed into their later years they could do some pretty outstanding things according to what we know – and they thought of themselves as very high priests and yet they did not deserve to hold this sort of title. Because of what they could do they misused the tremendous power that was there and for about 200 years the balance was not harmonious.  Although it is a very spiritual place and there are a lot of very high teachers there, there are also much harder lessons to be learned.  You always have two opposites and some who went through these bad lessons misused the power – sometimes intentionally and sometimes not so – which has distorted that particular area. Miriam (Ishmael)     You are doing very well so far. Geoff:     Good.  Next, I will find one such person who misused the power.

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