Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Energy (Group)

group energy
952 March 2022 Automated processes
947 February 2022 Negative, positive and balance of energies – amazing
920 Grey cloud of World energy to gather data
913 How to boost energy to a distant group
865 Jul 22 Mountains storing AUTOMATED energy for the change
843 War energy created when soldiers die
841 Ukraine v Russia (May 22) using energy created in war
840 May 2022 Positive and negative energy to create change
829 July 2022 USA and Kuwait arguing
827 July 2022 Russia v Ukraine
770 Moving energy with sound.
725 Sandstorms and more energies
721 New energy for the change
714   April 2022 Purple energy to heal groups/world in a trauma
14th February 2022 Different levels of newly-created, and night-time energy
African funeral
Collective thought forms
Energy and the Butterfly effect.
Energy exchanges
Group thought forms in Paris 1992
Happy thought forms
How a German officer felt
Negative group[ energy in Ireland 1998
Support from Spirit in the middle east 1993
Supressed energy in a communist Country
The 2003 shift in Universal energy
The abduction of Maddy (When it happened)
The Asian Tsunami
The forthcoming change of the earth
Universal energy and thinking the right way

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