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More about healing with the help of Dr Chang.
Geoff – The bubbles are like their aura, they are about a foot out from the body and these people are walking around encased in these bubbles, what I am being told is that when you are on a higher vibration, when you are in a happy mood the space between the bubble and the body fills up with this high, happy vibration and it will continue for some while, it is like the bubble has a slow puncture and this happiness will evaporate or come out but meanwhile the body is always creating new vibrations, so when you are in a positive or happy mood, it is likely that you will stay in it for quite a while, and the same as when you are in bad, negative or depressed mood the same thing happens. You will remain in that because the body has created this vibration which stays around you for some time, now you can change these vibrations, which is changing moods, which is what people try to do to each other, to get somebody out of a bad mood. Now by giving love and energy to a person who is in a bad mood won’t necessarily get them out of it, you have got to make the reaction come from the person themselves, you have got to make them feel better about themselves, it is no good telling them that everything will be all right or fine etc, it has got to come from inside them, you must explain to them why it will be better, and why it is not so bad to make their bodies react and create this positive vibration which will then wipe out the negative vibration. This is important when you talk to people and how you talk to them. I am getting now emotions, happy loving emotions, being in love emotions, and these are very soft and pink vibrations, and it surrounds the person and it is very soft which means it is easily destroyed or changed, a happiness vibration is a lot more stronger and hardy and takes more to get rid of, whereas a love vibration is more delicate. That is why young couples when they go out and sort of go in and out of love in a way, fall out with their partner and back again very quickly because these vibrations are so delicate.

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