Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Energy Water and Animals

6th Feb 22  Energy and Water and animals

In most meditations Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense in Astral by various Guides. A Guides takes over and channels through Geoff.

G: Before they come and talk, I want you to go to the usual spot, go halfway up to the waterfall, and I want you to sit there in the waterfall and water is cascading over you and down into the lake.  Someone is going to come and tell us about energy and water.

G: (Guide) Right we were talking about energy being dispersed all over the place. What we were looking at yesterday was energy beneath the Earth, energy on the Earth, going up the levels all the way through insects, animals and up to humans and right up to spiritual level.  

On Earth it will only go up as far as the mountains, of course, and it’s all intermingled, going backwards and forwards.  Then you’ve got the human body and all the human bodies and the energies there, which is going backwards and forwards as well.  So the whole thing is just moving constantly all the time, in all these different forms of energy. 

Now, why do you think water is so important as an energy source? It’s because water contains all those different forms of all those tiny pieces of energy. And let’s say each drop of water is one different type of energy, so what you’ve got flowing through you right now, is 100 different types of energy. So as it goes through your body it will simply fill up any areas in your body, that are lacking energy.   So you refill it with complete energy.  This is why they say when you are short of energy, you should go and lie in a stream. We were taught that in meditation and that’s basically the reason why. You go into water that contains all that energy.  Now what contains more energy than water, and a river and waterfall, and of course it’s the sea. The sea has billions and billions of moving molecules of water all the time.  All this energy is moving backwards and forwards.  So there is a whole variety of energy there. And you’ve got constant movement of energy. Which creates more energy. 

So whatever energy is short of, then the nature spirits will make sure that it is created so that it goes back onto the earth and it goes back onto the earth in the form of storms, clouds, the weather etc. So that’s why you see a lot of extreme weather at the moment, because the system on earth is out of whack, so the sea creates far more energy and disperses it on the land to make up for the problems that they have. 

(Our bodies are made up of 70% water). 

So now if you look at the overall picture, you will see far more energy, but it’s all moving, it’s all being controlled by nature, partly, and by us up here, partly.  And of course, what you do down there changes energy, in everything that you do. 

For instance, it’s not just deforestation, which creates huge problems, but even the smallest thing that you do, like pick a flower or plant a flower. That changes the energy in that particular place. Your thoughts as well, in a garden, like you, young lady, you enjoy the garden so much, your energy goes into the plants, and the plants thrive far better. So that’s putting energy into the plants, but the same thing can happen in the opposite direction, people that aren’t interested in their gardens or plants, the plants don’t receive the energy and they just wither and make do.  Nature of course, looks after them. These are the sort of energy changes that can be made all the time. 

Now, with insects, fish and animals, all this energy runs through them. But they only understand the energy on their particular level. Which makes sense, as they are still developing. So they don’t need to see all of these different senses. Nor do most humans on Earth.  You are shown this when you have developed to that stage. Each level has its own energies.

Taking it one step further, you then have energy from stars, planets, solar systems and so on.  This is a more difficult energy to understand. Energy goes out in different directions.  If you take a sun for example, like the sun that you have, eventually it’s going to explode. When it explodes it sends gases, debris, shockwaves, hundreds of millions of miles. It goes into light years and it carries on going through space. And it may hit somewhere in a billion years’ time. The energy simply travels, as there is no resistance in space the energy can carry on going.  So eventually it will impact somewhere else. So what you look at in the future, you can have a sun exploding here now, and a billion years in the future it will still have an impact on planets all around the solar system.

So what do you think happens right in the beginning when it was what you see as the big bang?  One explosion and it will start to move away, but you have this explosion echoing through the entire galaxy. And it doesn’t just go in one direction, it hits planets and stars and it bounces off into different directions and then it goes into each other.  Then it can break up and it can change, converge and meld. So all these energies are going on as well.

So what are we all made up of?  Energy. Very simple, yet not so simple. Now, let us expand that a little bit more, we have all of these energies and if you can imagine all those energies and we simply compress them, into something the size of a dinner plate and we look at it sideways.  So we are looking we are looking at one thin line from top to bottom.  That is all the energy we have been discussing. To the right is the future, to the left is the past. So there you have your past and future, but then you get dimensions. So it just gets more and more and more. Who can control something of that magnitude?

So what we see on Earth is just a very small glimpse, of what the whole hierarchy, infrastructure,  what God has created.  And it’s just one tiny portion that’s here and it’s the tiniest portion that we can explain to you. But you get a good idea now, you get a good picture in your mind, of all the possibilities, if I could take you out there. Into the different planets, different dimensions, a different place and space, it would be so awesome for you. We will take you there, eventually. We will take you to different places to see different things. But now you can see, understand, feel, how much development there is going on. But also how insignificant this planet is, and how insignificant your development is on grand scale of things.

(Mom had said her reading were meaningless.  This relates to that, she saw the bigger picture, the space)

The saying is “nothing matters”. Because what is going to happen, after this life,  you will have another life and another one, different people, different families, different growth, different energies and different learning, and it will carry on, it will never ever stop. No beginning – no end. So you continue to grow. I’ve shown you just a glimpse of what there is out there. So you can see what the possibilities are for your future. What  you have learnt so far here, how far advanced you are compared to all the other people around you, and therefore, what sort of work will you be doing in the future? Just in the next few years. You can help correct the problems on this planet along with the many  many others on the planet.  And you’ll get to use a lot of these energies, understand more and the more you will understand, the less you can talk to other people about. But we will introduce you to other people that you will be able to talk to. They will understand exactly the same as  you.


There’s a woman here, she wants to give us peace. She wants to relax us and let us feel the energy. She will give us comfort. A dose of anti-stress. She says, just sit quietly and open your mind, let  her come into your space, she is such a gentle soul, absolute peace.  She is right in me, right now, I haven’t felt this forever. Every part of me, I can feel her in. And she is coming across to you now.  I can’t explain it, it fills you, such a beautiful, delicate energy.

I can see her sitting on my right, she used to spend a lot of time comforting children. She did it in one of her lives on earth and she carried on doing it afterwards in spirit. She gives out a comforting energy. And that has developed more and more. She says on an earthly plain it’s good for comforting children and that’s all it has to do. But  now that you know that there is so much more energy, from one extreme to the other, and the comforting energy that she can provide now, encompasses an awful lot more than only what is needed for a single child. She is giving us this comforting energy to cover everything we are going through at the moment. Specifically the stress and the finance and so on. And making decisions, and worrying about whether they are the right ones. When you are more balanced, it’s easier to make better choices and decisions. So once we are more comfortable, which she is making us right now, it’s easier to see what needs to be done and the best way to do it. The energy that she is going to leave with us and it’s now you that we can call on, whenever we need it in the future. The energy is a dark green. Nature is a calming energy and that’s a light green.  This is dark green and is the heart chakra, emotions. 

She is showing us one more thing.  Although we have all these energies going around from one extreme to the other, you also need guidance along with those energies, so .. it’s not a matter of having just a handful of guides or a few guides, we have got access to hundreds of guides that control all the different forms of energy. So the more you develop, the more connections you make, the more guides and guidance that you need. And of course at night time when you astral travel, your body goes to the ‘other side’, and there you meet up with several guides, get advice etc. Also with all time being now, you could go across in astral tonight and spend 6 months of your time in astral. Which would be a few short hours in our time. So there is that to consider as well. So the picture now is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Now as you develop and progress in the next few years, we will be adding on more forms of energy for you to use and you will be able to see these energies.  We will encompass a lot of smaller energies together.  Say for example emotions – there are lots of little strands of emotions, there are many different types of emotions, and if you put them all together to create one emotional energy, it becomes a big, powerful form of energy. That is used for overall calming down in groups, so for instance if there was a war or any unrest in an area or an area becomes ecologically damaged (floods, tsunamis), you could use energies that size. Bigger forms of energy. So we will teach you how to use those as well.


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