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GEOFF QUESTIONS GUIDE ON FEARS   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation Geoff learns a bit on fears and how to overcome them. Verna is channeling.
Geoff – They are just going to bring through a guide for me to talk to, I have a good question tonight. Verna (Channeling) – That my friend is enough to put anybody off! Geoff – But you are used to teaching and answering questions, which is great. Thank you for coming anyway. Verna (Channeling) – Thank you, what is the question. Geoff – The question is to do with fears, everybody has fears of different things, and I think they stem back to previous lifetimes, now I have fears of three things that I can think of, one is a fear of heights, there is nothing I can do to control it, one is a fear of spiders, which I can overcome to a degree, and the other is a fear of being trapped in a tunnel, or inside solid rock, and I can’t breathe, especially going downwards, a horrible fear. Perhaps you can tell me where these fears come from, and if they do relate to a previous life. Verna (Channeling) – Your subconscious mind, is ever powerful, and all you need to do is to look at a spider and imagine it crawling up you, and your subconscious mind says I am afraid of spiders. And then when you see a spider, your subconscious mind says to you, you are afraid of spiders, it could be as simple as that, it could be some experience from one of your teachings in your past life. But there is every chance that you yourself can overcome this fear, your subconscious mind, I heard them talking before about your smoking, and your subconscious mind says you need a cigarette, or whatever, and you do not even think with your brain, you reach out and smoke or whatever. Your subconscious mind stores so much from your past life, that your brain is actually your physical, your soul is your spiritual. So your soul tells you, you do not want to be afraid of spiders, for you love them, they are God’s creatures, and your subconscious mind says you are afraid of spiders, you must get rid of the spider, pick your feet up and run, you are afraid of spiders, and so you have to teach your physical brain to tell your subconscious mind that you will face these fears, and you will no longer have fear for you have faith. And the feeling of soul you will put in your brain, and you will clean your subconscious mind, does that make any sense? Geoff – Yes, I can understand that, but how do you teach your brain to clean your subconscious? I mean, I have just said to it now, I am not afraid of spiders, but it says, yes you are. Verna (Channeling) – Did I not say how powerful your subconscious mind is? Geoff – Yes, but how can we overcome that? Verna (Channeling) – It is something, which is difficult to reply to and to give you a definite answer. For there are people who are afraid of the dark, people who are afraid of driving their cars on their own, there is so much fear on this earth, and fear has a negativity, and if you use your brain with extra power, you could overcome these fears, face them, even if it means picking up a spider, and I feel you shiver at the very thought. Geoff – Hmm, maybe spiders I could overcome, but my fear of heights, when I look over the edge of a building. Verna (Channeling) – My friend, I am a spirit, and I have never overcome my fear of heights! (Laughs) Obviously I am just making a light joke, but I never, ever overcame my fear of heights, and I was very spiritually advanced, and I was very powerful, and I could leave my body any time I wished, and I never will return to earth again, I have done my last trip, and with all that energy and that faith, I never overcame my fear of heights. And then you ask me for your answer. Geoff – All right then, two more little things, the last fear is an unusual one, why do I have that fear? The fear of being trapped in a hole or a pipe going down into the ground. Verna (Channeling) – Because you are a free soul, a free spirit and you will hate to be trapped in anything, and that is also your subconscious mind. I do not think it is anything from your past lives. No, it is not, yes you did spend some time in a confined space, which I will not go into, but you spent an awful lot of time in a very confined space, and that could be in your subconscious still. But you want to learn from these things, it is not an easy question for me to answer, there must be a somebody out there with a little more intelligence, who should have got this question, but I can only say to you that the subconscious mind is all powerful, it is like your filing cabinet, and those things are filed and it takes a lot of willpower and training to take that file out of the cabinet, as difficult as it is to give up smoking, and if you can achieve that, you can achieve to overcome your fears. By training yourself, hard disciplined training, ‘I AM NOT AFRAID OF SPIDERS’ – that is what I think the reply to the answer is, but I only know what I know, please remember that at all times when you ask. Geoff – Okay, that was a good answer, it does make sense, and thank you for that, but one more thing. You have the brain on one side and then you have the subconscious, and then you have a very powerful part of the mind, which is not used these days, how do we develop the power to be able to use it? Verna (Channeling) – It is not possible for you to use all your brain, it is not possible. It is possible to train yourself to use more of your brain, to do this you would have to be perfectly balanced, for it depends on why you would like to use that part of your brain. Geoff – Well there is a lot more power there, which can be used to help other people, for all sorts of things. Verna (Channeling) – Then you will have to get balanced, and once you are balanced, your spiritual soul will help you enhance and open more of the brain. You could train yourself, you could study continuously, you could feed that matter with whatever you wish, if you are a totally dedicated user, but the easiest way is when you are totally balanced, for when you are totally balanced there seems to be more oxygen in the body, you are more healthy and the brain functions easily. When you are not balanced, the brain is unbalanced, and it is impossible to use this extra matter. You would have to be totally balanced, and then there are no limits, except that you would never use your full brain. But you could use a lot, especially you, for that is what you enjoy, but your first lesson is to balance yourself out, in fact it is an important thing to do. Physical exercise is good too, and yes there is a lot of your brain waiting to be used, and you will use it, but it will not be used the way you think. Geoff – Thank you.

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