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FISH SPIRIT – 1990   By SpiritualDictionary.com

Geoff – Are you struggling to get through, you have a stubborn channel again, have you been here before? You are very welcome, just relax and I am sure you will be able to get through a lot easier, just take your time. Verna (Channeling) – Coming. Geoff – Yes I can see. Verna (Channeling) – Not easy. Geoff – I am not surprised. Where do you come from? Verna (Channeling) – I am trying. Geoff – Yes I can see that, there is no hurry, we all understand. Verna (Channeling) – First time for me. Geoff – Yes the first time we have spoken, and the first time you have spoken in this language. Verna (Channeling) – You are clever. And using translator difficult, difficult, first time. What do you see? Geoff – I have just been concentrating on giving you energy, but I saw that you were fishlike, from what I saw, that is all I can describe, because I saw your face or head, with teeth top and bottom, like a fish in the front. Verna (Channeling) – Long ago. Geoff – It is long ago you looked like that? Verna (Channeling) – Too much energy, must rather come back later. Geoff – But at least now you have seen the way to get through, and you understand the power required, so next time it will be quicker and easier. Verna (Channeling) – Will be better, practice, language change first, less energy will be used then, sorry if you are disappointed but I thank you for teaching me to try. Geoff – It is a pleasure. I can see a lot of crystal. Verna (Channeling) – Yes Geoff – Crystal helps give you power.   Verna (Channeling) – I cannot stay this time, I do not have the energy, even with all yours, it is too much, thank you for letting me talk, maybe another time. Geoff – Yes, and withdraw in peace and bless you. Verna (Channeling) – With love I withdraw. Verna – And he swims away, so I get that he is in the transaction of changing from one life to another, and still slips back to his past, they are trying to get him out of this where it is an easier vibration for him, when he left me he swam away, like a fish, but he is not meant to be a fish. Geoff – He has been living very deep in the ocean, very deep, and somebody came a few weeks ago and they were going to tell us about life very deep in the ocean and they said they would come back and talk about it later, and they actually brought this person/fish back to teach us to tell us about life down there. Verna – I am so cold. Geoff – Yes it is very cold at those depths, but I see him as going over to the next stage of life and development. And he can be what you call a spiritual fish at the moment, and he finds it very easy to go back to where he used to live so that he can be at peace and communicate and relax, especially after something like this that he has just tried. He will come back up again in just an hour or so, and he will come back to where spirit are waiting for him to help him continue with this process of changing over, so he has only temporarily withdrawn, because he used so much energy. They help him communicate through crystal, where he lives there is a certain amount of reddish crystal. Verna – I am so cold. Geoff – When they are ready to develop they move to this deep area where there is this crystal, and although it is dark down there they can distinguish between the dark and the redness, because the red sort of glows and it is like a holding area, and when they pass over they move up from that area to spirit. Somebody will come back in a few weeks and tell us more about it. And if they can they will get somebody who is a   little bit more advanced who can communicate easier. That is all I get.

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