Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Verna – The children have not been for a long time, and tonight is the night that they are allowed to come along, there are about twelve of them and they are so excited, you know like when they want to watch a puppet show or something, and they are all excited and waiting. Geoff – I can see a lot of little girls, and they have all brought dolls, and I think this is how we are going to begin this evening, the girls want their dolls mended. Verna – Before you said that I was given a doll where the arm had come off. Geoff – These are yours Verna, and they will bring them one by one and they will put them in front of you, and you will fix them up, and they have been told to be quick because it is something special, and they are coming past one by one, hold up the dolls and you will fix them very quickly, they expect them to be fixed very quickly. And they are creating a lot of energy, in the form of happiness, which is positive energy, and they are going from your left to your right, as you fix each doll, and they walk off this energy radiates from them, and stays in the room, and they are so excited.   When you are finished fixing those, there are three boys that have come to me with their problems, which I will sort out quietly over here. Verna – One doll needs stitching, mom, so I have told her to go across to you because you sew so well, and she said she will stand in front of you and give you her doll and see if you can see her. Geoff – What you see in your mind mom, is the actual thing, you seem to think it is your imagination, but it is actually not, it is a thought form that they can get across to you, and what you see is just a glimpse, a little image which stays in your mind, and that image is the actual thing that they are trying to show you. Verna – They say I must help you by…… imagine a little blonde girl, she is about three, she has got one knee up on the couch, she is standing on the other leg, she is leaning over your lap with the doll sort of hanging in one hand, just like a little girl would. The doll, the back of the doll, the stitching has come loose, just create it in your mind if you don’t see it, and help her stitch her doll, and that will be sufficient. Miriam – There is nothing in my mind at all, I can’t even imagine, but I will take it from what you say. Verna – Then you visualise it yourself. Miriam – Does the little girl have blonde curls? Verna – Yes. Miriam – Well I can visualise that. Geoff – Your visualization is actually a translation of the thought form from them through you. If I said to you visualise Luke, you know what he looks like, so that is you bringing back the thought form, putting it in your mind, and seeing, like looking through a transparency and seeing a thought form. When you have to visualise yourself, you can visualise a multitude of things, but what it is, is the actual thought form that they put there, so what you see you think you have created but it is not, it is with the help from them. Miriam – Yes I did get the little girl with curls, but I didn’t get the doll. Verna – Geoff, she is looking around at you as if to say “Geoff be quiet, I am trying to get my doll fixed!” And now she is laughing. Geoff – While you are with her mom, tell me what she has in her hair. Miriam – She has a clip, the old fashioned clip that we used to have, a fancy clip, am I right? Verna – And the other thing that is very noticeable are her shoes. Miriam – She has pom-poms, I see a bluey black. Geoff – Very shiny. Verna – Yes very shiny, she says she doesn’t know what colour they are, they are just shiny. She says now what about my doll. Miriam – All right, the doll, has it got a blue spotted dress on? Verna – She says it has now (laughs) Geoff – She was showing you her dress. Miriam – Oh her dress is blue spotted. Geoff – That’s right, but now it is on the doll too. Very easy. Verna – She is pointing to the back of the doll, there is a hole, so just imagine a hole in the back and stitching it up, and she will probably manage to put the thought form in your mind. She says it must be white cotton please. Miriam – I think it is time the doll had some underwear on. Geoff – Okay, that’s all there is to it, the doll is fixed, and she is one happy child. Verna – She is going over there to join the others, and she has put the doll’s other dress back on. Geoff – Right that is all the children we will have this evening, and now we will go on to do some healing, but it seems that the children are going to watch for the experience. So we will see what happens. Verna – I have a little boy brought to me who is severely teased, and he has a terrible mental problem, emotional problem which is causing physical illness, and stuttering, and is caused from other children being really mean and nasty and him having an inferiority complex as it is, and he has withdrawn totally into himself, now the children will give him lots of love, and children vibrations, but he in actual fact is shying away from this because he senses there are other children here. And their job tonight is to make him realise that not all children are like that, and that the few children that did tease him didn’t mean to harm him, that it was actually something else that happened to him in his life that has caused him to react this way, so it is not really the fault of the children who teased him, because all children tease other children. And this is what the children are telling him, not me, and they are saying to him that if he thinks clearly, he has probably said some nasty things to some children as well. And children are very open in saying what they feel, and they let out their hatred and their emotions to other children because they are not allowed to do this in their homes, and it is never meant as much as it is felt by him. He shouldn’t take it so badly, what he must realise is, is that it is him that is causing the problem because something in his emotional state is causing the reaction. Geoff – Yes when he has spoken of other children, because of his complex it has been to him a form of defense to say nasty things to other children, and this is to show you that it has come back to him, and basically you get what you give. And the children are inviting him to join them and sit with them and show him that the opposite happens, they show him love and he will in turn feel comfortable and the physical ailments, which are created by his mind, will go away. Verna – Hmm I got that as well, it is great. He is sitting with them now.

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