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ASTRAL HEALING (FROZEN SHOULDER)   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation we are being taught to heal the spiritual body in astral (All by thought and not physical). A guide called Dr Paul is channelling through Miriam, and I am about to work on Verna’s frozen shoulder which she has had for 2 years. Geoff:      Now I have Verna on the table in front of me lying on her back with her head towards me, and with her head hanging over the end of the table which looks uncomfortable but actually isn’t.  There is a very dark area around her shoulder blades, and going up from there, there are three lines up to the top of each shoulder and these lines going upwards – to the dark area to the top of the shoulder is where the muscles start to contract, and where they start to pull which is why you get this feeling of like toothache – this constant pressure which makes your shoulders ache. Miriam (Dr Paul)     I wonder if you have thought of doing any swimming?  Backstroke would be greatly beneficial to you. Geoff:      Exercise will help a lot – not so much exercise which means use of arms.  The tissue is swollen and presses against the nervous system, and the tissue is swollen in many areas.  What is needed is simple exercise such as jogging where the heart beat speeds up and blood flows through the tissues at a faster rate.  This will make them stronger, fresher, and that will take the energy off the nervous system which is what causes these spasms of muscle. I can also see at the top and front of the head a main build-up of pressure which is connected to the spine, and goes almost down to the base of the spine.  It covers the nervous system down the back and in particular the solar plexus and the stomach.  The worry or stress or whatever this black piece is, is causing the damage through the rest of the body – is causing a reaction through the rest of the body.  It can be cleared out by exercise.  It is as if the system is becoming choked with expanding tissue like bruising and the system is not working correctly.  Therefore, because the blood can’t flow through these swollen areas, a lot is diverted around which creates more problems so the whole thing can be helped and very quickly by increasing the heart beat and exercise to get the blood flowing through the body. Verna’s Chinese doctor friend is also here who says he can help on a temporary measure with pressure points on the top of the shoulders which he is doing now – two on each.  This will relieve the pain from the center of the shoulders – from the center of the shoulders towards the spine.  This is only a temporary thing and he agrees that exercise will help. Miriam (Dr Paul)     And this exercise applies to all of you for it helps young and old alike.  It can be a brisk walk or your jogging or swimming, but it is surprising what benefits one gets from such a simple thing. Geoff:      Yes. Miriam (Dr Paul)     You have done excellent work tonight – really excellent.  Your diagnosis and the causes are getting more and more each week.

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