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Geoff: I’ve got somebody in a field at the moment – on a pathway between two fields and it looks like Gandhi, the Indian leader. Is that right?

Miriam (Ishmael) Yes, it is.

Geoff: Now, Gandhi has passed over to the other side, obviously did a long time ago. What he is doing is he’s continuing his traveling. He’s talking to other people who can use the mind and can influence people. He’s influencing people with the mind at the moment. That is what his job is. He stays in the same attire, with his white robe and his staff, and lives very frugally because that is just the way he’s sort of conditioned himself, and he is now still influencing people with the mind in preparation for the new age. He seems totally dedicated. After his life here he should have gone back to the other side, then relaxed and taken a break and had help from his other friends, teachers, and so on, but he became so dedicated on earth that he has continued with the same extreme dedication doing this particular job.

Miriam (Ishmael) Yes, and he is having very good results.

Geoff: But if he stepped back for a moment, and taught others more and got some help he could get better results.

Miriam (Ishmael) He will in the not too distant future.

Geoff: I’m trying to see how he is working and I’ve gone upwards. We’re in a valley. It’s in India and it’s this side of the….there’s some huge mountains there with snow on. The valley we’re in at the moment is growing crops. I can’t see what they are but they’re very tall and thin. Not like rice – much taller. No, it is rice!

I’ve not seen rice as tall as that before- and where he seems to be operating is – I mean, why he’s here….surrounding the valley are small villages. The villages have headmen. Alright, although everything is still controlled by the government he’s gone to the outlying provinces, and he goes to each village and talks with the headmen – he spends some time with them to balance their way of thinking- and what he’s doing is, he’s linking one to the other. And when he reaches a village he does what he can to put the correct images into the mind of the headman, and then goes to the next village and links it to the last one, so he’s actually creating strings or groups of people. He can’t actually change the mind of these people. He can only show them – influence them by showing them – by letting them experience different emotions, feelings and giving them different understandings of certain situations. So when he reaches somebody he has to – it has to be done, not when they’re asleep but…..and this is where Verna comes in. (Verna also does Hypnosis)

Miriam (Ishmael) Yes. (laughter)

Geoff: When they’re totally relaxed.

Miriam (Ishmael) Yes.

Geoff: So he has to wait until a time when they are totally relaxed so he can put these things into his subconscious mind, while he is conscious, so he is actually experiencing this day dream if you like which is retained in the subconscious.

Miriam (Ishmael) That’s it.

Geoff: Aha! Very clever.

Miriam (Ishmael) Very Clever.

Geoff: So it’s time consuming, but you can now see what is happening. He gets the one person to understand the right way of thinking, and that person over a period now teaches the rest of the people in the village and they become more tranquil, harmonious, balanced. So, just to correct one country for instance, and we are looking at India, it‘s going to take a long, long, time just using this process. He has to go through generations to build up to bring India all together again in one, and therefore…

Miriam (Ishmael) As it used to be.

Geoff: Yeah, yeah…as it used to be – and therefore it is, in a way, a pointless task that Gandhi is doing. Because when the change over occurs, then it will be far easier from then on but, no, put it this way, he has no chance of achieving that goal before the change over occurs but when the change over does occur there will be many more groups of people – headmen and groups of people who have this knowledge of balance, and they will start off the new India the right way.

Miriam (Ishmael) That is it.

Geoff: And this – Gandhi has looked at me and….looked at me and smiled, and this man has got a beautiful nature second to none.

Miriam (Ishmael) I’m glad you saw that.

Geoff: You know, I’m almost in tears just accepting that smile from him – it’s something quite incredible what he has inside of him. And he has his hands together like that, if you can see, and he says “thank you” and he’s so humble. He is such a beautiful soul- and I wish you could all just see what I just saw. It was a glimpse of something just too beautiful.

Miriam (Ishmael) And it’s a privilege.

Geoff: And now that I have made that connection, in the future I will be able to speak with him again.

Miriam (Ishmael) You will, yes, you will.

Geoff: And off he goes. That was amazing.

Miriam (Ishmael) That was worth waiting up for.

Geoff: Oh, too true. Absolutely amazing.

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