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In this meditation Geoff Astral projects to a cave in Tibet, where Gandhi is looking after Spiritual leaders that have moved on. A guide called White Feather is channeling through Miriam. (28th January 1998) Geoff: I am stuck in a place, what I see in front of me is a view of earth from outer space, and from one point of the planet coming towards me there’s like a tube. It is like a long, plastic tube coming towards me and I am sort of standing inside it. It’s some form of energy or communication or whatever, now I go down the tube, had a quick look behind me, and there’s an awful lot going on there, so I go down the tube towards earth and see where it ends up, and I think that was probably the starting point. The tube is way on the top of earth, it seems to be the range of mountains above Tibet. It’s around that area somewhere anyway. When I get to the end, there are two caves, there seem to be plain tunnels inside the mountain, one going to the right, one going to the left, I take the left-hand one first. Ok, when I go in the left one, there’s a huge cavern, now what I see here something that I read in a Lobsang Rampa book years ago. Miriam (White Feather) You are quite right Geoff: Ah welcome, Miriam (White Feather) This is White Feather, I thought I would come tonight for a change Geoff: Good, yes, it confused me there because I have read about this before, and it was the same picture in my mind. In the cave on the left is a lot of equipment, this is very advanced equipment, it’s mechanical equipment, and I’ll just go down amongst it for a while, there’s lots of different bits of machinery and the cave is very plain, there are no life forms there. There is no need for me to know what sort of equipment this is at this stage. Miriam (White Feather) No, but you will know later, I don’t mean tonight, but you will know another day. Geoff: So I go back up and I could continue with the same passage, but I go back to the beginning and just go down the right hand passage, and what is there is lots of, they seem to be dormant spooks (our slang for Spirits), they are people from the past, very high up people, such as spiritual gurus. Miriam (White Feather) Yes Geoff: …and very, very high up teachers – what they have done is they have spent so many lives on earth, and when they have gone elsewhere to a different planet, what they have left behind…….. It is like a replica, a memory of their bodies, and memories from all their past lives, so all their teachings and so on that relate to earth, that relate to the spiritual development of the people over the centuries. Miriam (White Feather) It does Geoff: Now these will be resurrected, for want of a better word, when the time comes in the future. Miriam (White Feather) And you will be using them Geoff: Ah, Miriam (White Feather) Yes you will Geoff: Ok. Now these people are tremendously advanced obviously, and the feeling I get from them is they are just such wonderful people with so much love to give, they have all been through heavy trials and tribulations and lessons on this planet. But they are part of like an elite group of spiritual leaders, and in the front there is one who is, alive if you like, a live spook, and that is Gandhi. Is that right, that’s Gandhi sitting cross-legged? Miriam (White Feather) Yes it is. Geoff: Ok and it’s his job to guard this equipment and these spiritual memories, and the caves. Miriam (White Feather) Yes – only certain people will be able to see Geoff: Right, so he’s the guardian. Miriam (White Feather) That’s right Geoff: Wow – Excellent – Now he sees me watching this, and I can feel a tremendous presence here in this room behind me, partly in me, more than halfway inside me, I am not sure who that is at the moment. Miriam (White Feather) Concentrate, and you will find out. Geoff: Gandhi is not moving but it is him that is standing right behind me, to make this communication, so he is the one who is allowing me to see inside these caves. Miriam (White Feather) Yes he is, that is right, of course you have met him before. Geoff: Yes I remember that very well. Now he is like closing around me and I am going to go into it a bit farther….. No he’s going to tell me, instead of me going farther into the caves, he is going to tell me what the whole story is. Miriam (White Feather) Yes Geoff: In the caves behind, are also spiritual leader’s memories of a lesser rank, because when all this is activated it needs an awful lot of people, with the knowledge which, that is most important to go to the different places and do what they have to do. Each one has had a certain amount of experience, and based on that experience, is qualified if you like to look after one aspect or one particular area. Miriam (White Feather) That is so. Geoff: And they go back for a long way, there are thousands of them and they are just dormant, waiting to be activated. Miriam (White Feather) Yes Geoff: Now, they will be activated by two types of people, mainly by spirit with about 10% activated by people who are currently on this earth who are developing, so you get the mixture of all the past experience and modern day demands, needs, or whatever. Miriam (White Feather) And that is where you will come in Geoff: Right I see. So we will have access, okay so with my ability, I do not have enough ability to do the job correctly, but I will have the sense of right and wrong and balance etc. I will then be able to utilise some of these dormant spiritual beings and their memories, so when the time comes I will be able to see their memories and use them and also I will be able to use the spiritual power that is linked to them. Miriam (White Feather) Yes you will! Geoff: And Verna has exactly the same -right Miriam (White Feather) Exactly, you will be doing so much together Geoff: Now the connection, this long pipe that goes outwards, is simply the soul connection between Gandhi, who is the controller of the caves, and advanced spiritual life, for want of a better word, on the other side, the guardians, or the “Gardeners of the earth” Miriam (White Feather) Yes, see how one thing leads to another – it continues Geoff: It does indeed. Now the spiritual leaders that are dormant there, have had a variety of different experiences. Gandhi’s has become closest to, sort of as good as we can get on earth at this stage, because of his belief of helping other people and giving love to all at a certain level. The other spiritual leaders have had experience in different ways and that is how this earth life cycle has developed, so people, spiritual leaders from way back, had far different experiences than Gandhi has had in his lifetime, so we have a selection of spiritual development and understanding and wisdom. So you have got all your leaders at the top and all your lesser experienced spiritual bodies behind, just waiting for…. Miriam (White Feather) It’s a wonderful feeling Geoff: Unbelievable. Miriam (White Feather) I am glad that you have not lost your ability to go deep down and see what you are being shown. Geoff: Oh me too. Miriam (White Feather) In fact it has increased. Geoff: Yes, I think it was the energy from these two. Miriam (White Feather) Well partly yes, partly Geoff: Just being able to see this makes me feel humble and extremely happy. It’s quite an experience. Miriam (White Feather) And what more could anyone ask Geoff: Yes too true, too true Miriam (White Feather) Better than all the riches that one can carry. Geoff: Very true Miriam (White Feather) And I don’t know if you can see, but Gandhi is smiling Geoff: Yes, yes indeed, that is brilliant…Ok I think that is all that I need to be shown there at the moment. Miriam (White Feather) For now yes, but you will see it again later when you are back in your own home Geoff: I am just going to turn around and go in the other direction, to see maybe what is at the other end. The other end is blank at the moment because it is to do with time. Miriam (White Feather) Yes – nothing for you to see there at the moment  

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