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GATHERING OF SPIRITS – 1994   By SpiritualDictionary.com

Miriam (Gladys) – This is Gladys Luke – Welcome Miriam (Gladys) – Tonight I shall talk about something quite different, this is a time when we have special gatherings of spirits from other planets, that is not to say that we have this on any special day, days mean nothing to us, it just happens to be a time when we are having these gatherings. And the purpose is not strictly for pleasure, but for those who are in a position to discuss the world’s situation and the repercussions that will arise when there are more disasters in this world of yours. Because they are so far away it may be felt that there is no difficulty when it happens on your planet, but that is not so. For the vibrations continue, not only the vibrations, but the very fact that you have on your planet those from other planets who are here for many different things. I shall say here as if it were I on your planet, you have been told before that some come to learn of your way of living and to see if it will be of any benefit to them. They also come sometimes from certain places to test the atmosphere and see if they would be able to live amongst you. Now how is it possible that they come. For why not, for have not your people traveled to the moon, and these people are far more advanced in their means of travel, I am not talking now of the ones who are in spirit but of those who, like yourselves, have their own lives to live, albeit it in a different atmosphere and a different way of living altogether. So periodically we have these meetings, sometimes as in the case now, it is because there is going to be so much more trouble, but sometimes it is just a question of meeting and discussing how things are developing with those who have and are living amongst you. This though is to see what effect, if any, your troubles will have on any other place. As everything is always recorded we can check back to other civilisations and see if there is any similarity to what is expected and what has happened before. We can go forward and see what is happening in the future, but as everything is always free will, we are not allowed to see how this happens in every aspect, every difficulty that has arisen. Just as you know you have free will to travel on any destination, but we do know the outcome and where you will be in the end. But looking at these records does help and we can talk over as we are with you and many others like you, we can talk it through and find out if either planet can benefit from anything they can get from another planet. Not as complicated as you may think. Because it is not a question of just one, two or three planets being different, there are many more in size and shape and in different dimensions. For even those that you cannot see, that are in a different dimension, they all suffer to a certain degree, in any different vibrations that occur when there are earthquakes, tidal waves or whatever from your planet. At the same time there are happenings on other planets, and we have to discuss how these happenings will affect you, or your planet, so you see we have quite a lot to talk about and it is much, much more intense than any of your conferences you have with your different parties in power. Those of us who are able to give any information are not tied to any particular party as are those in your government now, they are all so far advanced that they have only the welfare for their own people in mind, and how it will affect them and other people, in fact all living creatures. For this reason we often have higher souls, who come down and are able to give some assistance. You will not be able to be told of any decisions that are made at these meetings, but I thought you may be interested in another aspect of life that we have on our side of the veil. Another of the tasks that we undertake, when we have this meeting, is to find out from those strangers who are within you what, if anything, can be done to help them survive in a new place of their choice. For if it is somewhere that has few inhabitants, then we can do a great deal. There are quite a few of these places around, far more than you will ever imagine. When we do find something or somewhere for these souls, who are finding difficulty in finding a suitable place, then we have great joy to be able to direct them and to give power to alter the situation to their satisfaction. This happens many, many times during evolution. Perhaps one of these days, you may have someone talking to you who has been amongst you for some time, and yet is not a native of your world. Sometimes it is a question of transferring to more than one environment, in order that evolution may take place, in order to be able to live in the environment and the new place that has been chosen. Just as you would not go to a very, very cold place to live without first experiencing a gradual changing of weather and seeing if you could adapt to the extreme cold. We were pleased to get the message that you had been given permission to see the gentleman who does so much looking into the sky (Patrick Moore) and as far as he can through man-made telescopes. We hope that he will be interested enough to hear perhaps from some who come from very far indeed. Whether he will believe is a different matter, but we do think that he will be very, very interested. I think that I will leave you with those words for now, I see that you are very tired. Luke – Thank you, bless you

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