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Geoff as a Mongol child in Mongolia

Geoff as a Mongol child in Mongolia.   By

Geoff – There is a stake sticking on the ground and it has a sort of knob on the top which has a white piece of cloth wrapped around it and a band. A bit like the head gear of a Sheik…. that is sticking up from the ground, and on the right there is a primitive sort of lean-to and a dusty canyon, it seems to be the same area, (See Miriam’s life in Mongolia above) around Mongolia, with the cliffs on either side and this is very coarse, the ground. If I go between the two cliffs to the right, is the place I left just now where Mom passed over, so I go back into this circular area and I am sitting on the right in this primitive lean-to and I am very badly diseased, when people got a bad disease, they were put into this compound that I am in, which is a huge circle with walls all the way around except for the entrance at the front. Because the Mongols had no feelings, this is where all the sick people were put, and it was their idea of keeping all the sick people away from the community. At times there were many people in here, but at the moment the only person was me. I have been there for a long time, and I spent almost the entire life there and the lean-to is very, very slim, inside the lean –to I am lying on a sort of pallet and on the right hand side is the wall of the cliff and I am lying on the pallet and surrounding me on the floor to my left are 3 types of bowls. And what I am is a Mongol (laughter) Miriam (channeling) – (laughing) Oh I am so glad you picked that up, they said you would be amused. Geoff – Oh dear. Now when I was born, after the first couple of years it was obvious I was completely Mongol, and I was taken from my mother and put out here, in fact I was not taken, it was the done thing, she said I should go here. Miriam (channeling) – They were afraid of what it looked like and what it represented. Geoff – They were also pretty convinced that I would die pretty smartly. And that would be the end of that problem, now I was spiritually aware in that life, I had my full faculties in my mind, I could communicate with spirit, they would come and visit me, but I was trapped in this cocoon of a physical body and there was no ways that I could communicate with ease with any people because the connection, I had a perfect brain, but the connection to my mouth and actions were scrambled, as with somebody with a stroke, and this is what I had to learn during this lifetime. And it was feast and famine, I couldn’t communicate, I was abused, ignored, starved, everything from A to Z, occasionally them women, some of them, would come out and bring me things, but without touching me, or holding me or tending to me in any way. They used to bring me food and put it in the entrance to my lean-to, and that was my existence. Miriam (channeling) – But that life was not a punishment. Geoff – No, it was to learn people’s reactions to something like this, which is a valuable lesson. Miriam (channeling) – Yes indeed, but a very hard one. Geoff – The physical side of it was very harsh and the good side was as I began to develop I began to see spiritual things and it was at a very young age, less than 20 when I had full spiritual communication, and I used to get spiritual visitors every day and night, they used to come down and talk to me and tell me what was going on, and converse and love me and all sorts of things, and I just sat there in this spot. I can’t see any recall where I would have astral traveling; I was always in this body. I could see spirit physically in front of me. They didn’t materialise, I could see them hovering a foot or so off the ground, all five of them, all a gold color. Miriam (channeling) – That was a difficult lesson. Geoff – Yes, this life doesn’t seem so bad after all now (laughter).

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