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GEOFF SHOT BY PYGMIES    By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation I am looking back at past lives in Astral, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is Mr Wu. Geoff: I am walking through a wood. Close to a beach in a tropical Country, a tropical island somewhere. There is a pathway, very thick bamboo. Trees are hanging over the path. I can see a bow and arrow, held by a black man. Which he shoots, and it sticks in my left shoulder. I have sat on the ground with this long arrow in me. The person who shot me is like a Pygmy, very small. And there is a group of them in front of me talking in their own language, trying to decide what to do next. They are deciding whether or not to stick more arrows in me, but they can see that I am not angry, nor any danger to them. They are coming closer; they have never seen a white man like me before. They are very curious. They decide that they are going to take me back to their village, and to make a decision as to what to do with me. The arrow is pulled out very roughly. One goes to the back and detaches the head of the arrow, and one pulls it straight out from the front. It is as if they do not realise that I am human…it is as if they think I am an animal. They never thought about whether or not it would be painful. The same as they would do if they shot a wild boar. Now I am taken back very unceremoniously to the village. The main hut in the village is on stilts, 5 or 6 feet off the ground, and this is where the chief lives, or the headman. I am put on the ground, and he has come out to look at me. He is also very amused. Now they are all sitting around looking at me, And I take off my shirt and use it to stop the flow of blood from the shoulder. This is the first sort of movement that I have made, and it quite surprises them, and it lets them see that I am sort of human the same as them. And now I am a curiosity piece. They have decided that I am not going to harm them, and they have called someone to fix the wound. He is putting a poultice on either side, and covered it completely with wet mud. This their way to stop infection amongst other things-in those days – And very successful it was too. Because they are unsure, I have been tied to a sort of stake in the ground, in the center of this village, so people can look at me and so on, while they experiment with me, and try to find out what I really am. I am given food and water. Food that I am not used to, but I eat it anyway. I can see the children very clearly, they have come to see me, and what I do is make friends with the children. Not through speech, but with signs and smiles and little things, and the children are not afraid, and therefore the adults decide that they are not afraid either. And now they are going to treat me with proper hospitality. I can see later on that I am sitting in a circle with these people, learning their language, and I end up living with them for the rest of my days. Now how I came to be there is the next part of the mystery. I can see something which looks like a long, slim canoe which was how I got there, and I can see a – like the size of an island – a big curve and the head, and it goes around the other side and that’s where I came from. And what I was doing was, either sort of looking around for the first time, or fishing or whatever. It was the first time I’ve been to this area and what I did was I beached this canoe, and then I started to walk along the trail. I hadn’t gone very far, and that’s when I got shot. At that stage people didn’t know anything – people who lived in the community round the corner where I came from knew very little about this tribe, because there was never any communication. The tribe were very much bush people and the others were very much city and farming people, and they never strayed far out into the forest. They had always seen signs that these pygmies were around, but they had never showed themselves. The pygmies always thought the white people were something to be scared of – that was also in their breeding and upbringing – and therefore the two never mixed before and that was why, when I was shot, I was so much – first of all they were so afraid of me and secondly I was a curiosity. By living with this tribe – and I decided to do that because there was nothing really to go back to where I was living. I was living on my own and there was nothing to gain by going back. What I got through to these people, was to teach them that the white people like me were nothing really to be afraid of, and that was the purpose that I was there – to teach these people. Miriam (Mr Wu) And you really enjoyed it. Geoff: Hmm. Yes, in that life I did get the two communicating, and understanding each other more, which was really very, very beneficial to both sides. Miriam (Mr Wu) And with the life that you had chosen- you were successful at it. Geoff: The place seems to be around New Guinea somewhere. Miriam (Mr Wu) One of the islands. Geoff: Hmm. Now again I can see the coastline, the mountains and the trees so much clearer. Miriam (Mr Wu) You’re picking up the locations very well now. Geoff: Good. Now, I just go back to this tribe in my later years. Later on in that life I did attach myself to a woman there but it wasn’t Verna. Miriam (Mr Wu) No. Geoff: It was another of our group that I don’t know yet. It wasn’t the dark haired girl who I had been married to before, it’s another one. Miriam (Mr Wu) But you will meet her again. Geoff: I can see her image – sense her image, and that’s why I know this, and she chose that life to help me – to help me in that life. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: Although she is in the same group as us, she has not had so many lives and this was an enjoyable life for her. I did have several members in the group that I can recognise that were my guides in that life. There was no communication, simply guidance when necessary. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. You finished? Geoff: Yes. Very much so. Miriam (Mr Wu) I said it would be a fun evening. Geoff: Yes it certainly is. Right – let’s see where else we can go

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