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Geoff – Yes, well that one is well and truly finished, now we look to the next. I have a young boy of maybe ten years of age, very well fed, lives a very comfortable life and very happy. To my right is a wood, looks more like mangrove swamps, next to the sea, some nice island somewhere in a warm temperature. Behind the boy on the beach is sort of my dream home, a three bed roomed wooden shack, which belongs to a fisherman, who has a wooden boat and spends his entire life fishing. It could be the Solomon Islands. Miriam (Mr Wu) – One of them. Geoff – This is another of my past lives, where I was the fisherman – that is why now I love the sea and fishing so much. Miriam (Mr Wu) – And have for many lives. Geoff – The boy is Verna. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes. Geoff – The wife that I had then was the girl with black hair that we met upstairs in the meeting room a few nights ago. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes she is! Geoff – Oh that is great (laughs), and I can’t see any features or whatever, just the black hair. But I’ve got this recognition feeling. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes you will see the features one day, but not yet. Geoff – Yes, but the feeling of recognition is another form of sense, which is, I am not sure if I have experienced it before, I don’t think so. Miriam (Mr Wu) – It is another emotion. Geoff – Yes, it is another emotion, yes when I have experienced it before is in meditation, where I have come across it, in one of my past lives when I was in Scotland and my mother in this life was my mother in that life, that was when I had the same feeling. Miriam (Mr Wu) – That is it. Geoff – So Verna is my son and fished with me, we had a very happy life. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Oh yes, very idyllic. Geoff – Yes very idyllic, but when the boy Verna grew up he moved away and got married and moved away to the next bay around the corner, took a wife and also lived an idyllic sort of life, there were more experiences, but there was always this, I can see this beautiful connection, which is like a constant stream of energy between myself and my dark haired wife and with Verna, there was a connection that was always there. Myself and my dark haired wife could sense when things were wrong, because of the time spent, not in meditation but very similar, because there was no stress and life was very balanced and comfortable we were able to feel or sense each other’s emotions. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes the senses were more developed, something you must practice on now. Geoff – Yes, and this life was merely to develop sixth sense and it was more like a holiday, there was no strong major problems or emotions during that life, it was very peaceful, which helped to balance also the spiritual development with experiences. The end of that life was very sudden, with something dramatic like a tidal wave or earthquake and all four of us, myself, dark haired wife, Verna and his wife… Miriam (Mr Wu) – It was a monsoon. Geoff – Three of us returned immediately, the fourth one, which was Verna’s wife, remained as part of her lesson, and the three of us went back over together. The three of us then helped Verna’s wife until she came over. I can see Verna’s wife in that life, and she was the least experienced or developed, and that is why Verna chose to help her with that life. And I chose to do something else, but we chose to do it together. This is beautiful to see. Miriam (Mr Wu) – In many lives. Geoff – But what a nice life that was, yes I could live that life again anytime. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Who knows. Geoff – (laughs) Maybe we could have a rerun. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Lives must be balanced, when there are good deeds in one scale overweighing the bad deeds then you have a good life. Geoff – Yes, what I am actually seeing at the moment is Shirley McLain, but I will leave that for now, probably just in my mind I will concentrate a bit more, and see what happens. Right, I have a short square building maybe six or seven foot square, made out of a very rough block with a tin roof and just a piece of sacking hanging over the doorway, inside there are two benches, the ground is wet, muddy because it has been raining, and there is an old lady there, very old, virtually toothless, very thin undernourished, sunken eyes, and she is about to pass over, and she is the dark haired wife that we saw just now. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes in another life. Geoff – In another life, not happening now, right. But she has called me to help her pass over, and Verna, I see, all right I can see Verna and myself there helping her to pass over and move upwards, and that is not a problem, what concerns me is it doesn’t seem like just a past life there is more to it than that. Miriam (Mr Wu) – There is. Geoff – It is a different dimension, which is now. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes, yes, yes. Geoff – (laughs) She has been through many, in the life that she went through, she went through many dimensions and they have all finished except this last one. And this last one was the worst, the most, the biggest struggle that she had to go through, and now that all her lives have finished on these various dimensions, this is the last one and that is why she asked Verna and I to help her move over, cross over, it was an achievement and such a relief after going through this life, where it dragged on and on. Miriam (Mr Wu) – It has, but it was wonderful that you were there. Geoff – Yes, and now I can see her face so much clearer. Miriam (Mr Wu) – I said you would see her face.   Geoff – A round face, long black hair, looks very Indian, Red Indian. So beautiful inside, so soft and understanding, and so much one of us. Very, very close and more Verna’s connection than mine, as if it were almost a twin sister. Somebody very, very close, and very glad to be out of that life. Miriam (Mr Wu) – Yes, to a well earned rest. Geoff – Yes that was quite something, right the next one.

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