Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

GIVING UP SMOKING – By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation Miriam is channeling a regular guide. Geoff – The first person I got was an old man with long grey hair, quite straggly and he smokes a pipe. It looks like maybe a hundred years ago, but the pipe is very modern, and I am not sure if it is symbolic to do with smoking or what, now he wants to show me something, he has taken me to an area where there are hundreds of trees all fallen down, all over lapping one another, and it seems to be in Canada. Miriam (Guide) – It is. Geoff – Oh welcome. – We go up to the top of the hill and down the other side, and at the bottom of the hill the other side, a very big hill, there is a lake and these dead trees go all the way down to the lake. Now this dead area is in the middle of a very healthy area, I don’t know what has killed the trees. So I will get closer to them to find out what’s wrong. The trees are quite dead inside and have been dead for some time, it is an area where very few people go, way up North in Canada, and he is still pointing to the trees with the pipe in his hands, the whole area is rotten even beneath the trees in the ground, that’s rotten too and I think that is where we must look, now I have gone underneath, in the ground itself and that is rotten, and I can see where the rotten joins occurred, and it is a very clean line. Now what I am doing now is quite strange, the earth that is rotten is like sawdust, and I am sort of scraping the walls and compressing all these dead trees and dead earth more into the middle, so it ends up as a big hollow, with a lot of debris in the middle. And it is getting more and more compressed. The line that divided the rotten stuff and the good, seems to be like a coat of plastic, and I am now pulling this away and also putting that in the middle, this debris is now getting smaller and smaller, until it is crushed to virtually nothing and what’s left is a big hollow of fresh, clean earth. Now the walls of the lake are breaking to allow water to come into this hollow, and things will start to grow again. Now I go to this compressed rubbish that is left, and it is only about the size of a ball, put my hands on either side and I am trying to see what it was. It keeps coming back to smoking, I think he is trying to show me some form of comparison to what smoking does to you and does to the earth. Miriam (Guide) – Yes that is right. Geoff – And what he is saying is that it will take a long time for that area to grow again, but as soon as the old stuff is taken away, which I assume is giving up smoking, then the rebirth process can start. Miriam (Guide) – Yes you have it. A roundabout way of putting things, but perhaps more effective. Geoff – He is showing me on the right hand side of his mouth where he used to hold his pipe and his teeth and gums and his cheek have rotted, he had it in there permanently. It’s funny I got the smoking bit right in the beginning, but I thought it was because I was trying to give up smoking. Miriam (Guide) – And you will. You are getting plenty of help, you will.

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