Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation, Miriam is channeling and Geoff goes back in time one hundred and fifty years. Geoff – Now off to the next one, and its back to mountains, also North America, I can see a big solid group of mountains, and at the top of this group of mountains looking down in the valley, where I am is green grass and green trees, but looking down I see a barren area with black rock and some snow down there. There is a little bit of snow up here too, I am going around the side of this mountain, I can see the texture of the ground, and the trees, and I can reach out and feel the different textures. And I have an old Indian with a very square face, flattish nose, and he has no headdress but full ceremonial paint on. And he takes me to an area, where I have seen before, I remember in meditation a long time ago, White Feather showed me this particular area. Miriam (Guide) – That is so. Geoff – There are a lot of young Indians, and this is where White Feather used to train with the young braves. There is a hollowed out area on the side of the cliff, and the view is beautiful and there are a lot of young braves there, only boys, no one on top, and I sat down at the end, and White Feather is there. Miriam (White Feather) – Of course I am here!!! What a question, but I will keep quiet. Geoff – There are also three others, White Feather on the right with one and two on my left, who seem to be in charge of this group, and I have sat cross legged and I am looking over at these young boys, and they are looking at me, and this is part of their teaching, they are being shown that other spirits can be contacted, and introduced, they are being taught about life, and I am being shown to them as a form of proof. Now what I am seeing, it is not an event that is happening now, this happened about a hundred and fifty years ago. Miriam (Guide) – Yes it did! Oh yes. Geoff – Now this is where it gets confusing. Miriam (Guide) – You will work it out. Geoff – Time is totally different in the spirit world, and I know it is very difficult for us on earth to understand, they saw me one hundred and fifty years ago as I am now in this life, so what they are being shown is somebody from the future. Miriam (Guide) – That is it, now you have it. Geoff – Now that certainly opens a lot of doors doesn’t it? Miriam (Guide) – It certainly does, we said you had a lot more to learn and this is just the beginning. Geoff – Right now, I will just go back now, it is funny what I am doing, now that I know it was one hundred and fifty years ago, the location is identical but it is a different place, it is very hard to explain, I see the same thing but it is hundred and fifty years farther away. Anyhow we will leave that for the time being and we will go back to these boys. I don’t know if this is significant, but the color is different, I am very white and the circle around me is white, and the boys and the guides and the rest are darker, like slightly shaded, I think this is to show me that they are seeing the future, that is how I will see it when it happens again. Miriam (Guide) – Yes. Geoff – Okay, now walking amongst them and touching them and there is an awful lot of love in this circle. Miriam (Guide) – So much. Geoff – Tremendous respect for their teachers, but it has brought to them several things, first of all what the teachers have been telling them has now become a reality because they can see, this creates pride in themselves for being at such a developed stage that they can see, respect for their teachers, and a tremendous amount of love and respect for each other, they have become a much more stronger, healthier, more loving group, just by having this experience. Miriam (Guide) – Does it not always affect us the same? Geoff – Hmm, yes, I think that is the main lesson to what that does and can do. Now I sat at the end and this whiteness around me has faded, which means that they can’t see me anymore, their teachers are now talking to them, the teachers of course know I am there. And now they are starting to move off and they are all in awe, each one will go off and think on his own, and sort out in his mind what is right and wrong because so many things now have become feasible, possible, and understandable. What they have been told has become a reality and this has made them think that so many other things that they have been told can also be a reality. So it is a very valuable exercise. Miriam (Guide) – Very valuable, now perhaps you will have a little more faith that some of the things that you have been told will come to pass. For the same reason, because we know there is a niggling doubt there, it is understandable you have not had a lot of proof yet, but it will come. Geoff – I have no doubt, I can see as a whole what my future is, not the individual things, no I have no doubt whatsoever. Miriam (Guide) – Well then a little bit of impatience perhaps, to get things moving. Geoff – Yes frustrating. Right the teachers wave and I move on to the next one. What is quite spectacular is this feeling of being able to travel, I started off in Canada, and I knew instinctively how to get across country to New York, and then across country again to North America, and it is like having the world at your feet, like a giant atlas. Miriam (Guide) – Yes! It is, and isn’t it a wonderful feeling? Geoff – Brilliant. Miriam (Guide) – Absolutely, we tell you not to travel too much you see on earth because you have so much to do and so much time when you are on our side, leave a little bit to see.

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