Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Miriam is channeling. Geoff – Now I have something very confusing in front of me, I see two things, on the left there is an eye, somebody’s eye, maybe somebody was here, but the thing in front of me is like, the shape is like an eye, but closed and inside it is dark, and this thing that I am going into, is covered in fine hairs, and there is a lot of flesh and bone in there, a bit like going into somebody’s ear or nostril, but magnified. Miriam (Channelling) – You are quite right, now persevere and find out what you have to do. Geoff – The eye that I saw belongs to a special type of doctor who is helping tonight. He specializes in ears, eyes, noses and so on, and what I am in is an ear. As I get to the bottom of this there is a very dark patch in front of me, a blockage or blood in somebody’s ear, and this is connected to nerves which run through to the eye. Miriam (Channelling) – It is running to the back of the eye. Geoff – We must dissolve this blood clot otherwise it will cause severe damage to this persons eye and he is a very old spirit from earth and it would distort his vision on something very special that he is going to see. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes. Geoff – He is totally absorbed in it, and to dissolve this clot he is using energy out of the hands, I am putting my hands into the clot and grabbing hold of this nerve, feeling where it is, it runs through the center like a thread, using the energy coming out of my hands, I can open up the clot and free the nerve. And then having released that by continuing to push against the blood clot, to me it is like the size I have been thinking I am, it is like a six-foot-high blood clot, by expanding myself, my hands in particular to a larger size, as Alice in Wonderland would I can push it and condense it to a little ball of nothing, squash it. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes, that is it. Geoff – Great idea. Miriam (Channelling) – And this man is working on the type of operation that you have just done! That is quite an achievement. Geoff – And also quite alien. Miriam (Channelling) – Yes, because you altered in size in different ways. Geoff – That was excellent, they are getting better and better aren’t they?  

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