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Gold energy


In this meditation Miriam channels Elizabeth who chats about the different aspects of gold.
Miriam (Elizabeth) – I thought someone else was going to speak through this lady, but they said no it was my turn, there are so many who wish to talk through all the channels here, and we have to take what turn we can! But I didn’t expect mine so quickly. I would like to say something about gold. So many people try for gold in different ways, so many lives have been lost for the precious metal, so many flowers are gold, so many people try to achieve a gold medal, but we know that the gold that you are aiming for, is not to be seen except in the mind’s eye, it is the golden spiritual achievement. And it is something that you are progressing well in this path, each week the thin Golden Circle gets slightly broader. Sometimes you will fall by the wayside and have doubts, as it is on all walks of life, your side and our side, but it only strengthens those that are determined, that they carry on, and if they have the faith, it is so much easier. There are many times when we wish we could tell you or show more or give some sort of spiritual experience that people would say ‘now I believe’, but I am afraid that we must have the belief first. To be really genuine, otherwise it is like giving a reward before the effort. The children are the easiest to lead on because they have so much faith, to begin with. It is only the harsh world that reduces that faith to next to nothing sometimes and sometimes takes it away completely. And then we have to wait until they are ready to question, and when we know they are ready, then that is the first rung of the Golden Path. But there are so many miles to be trodden, but the end result is surely worthwhile, for when you get to the end of the Golden Road it changes to the purest of white, and that is what everyone seeks. The Golden Road may not end on the earth plane, it may continue when you come to this side, or you may wish to come back to earth, it all depends upon your choice of how you think you can fulfill your karma. So you see, there are many aspects of gold, some people worship it for the shine and the power that it gives, but that is just the wrong kind of power. Thankfully those here and others of the family are on the right path. I thank you for letting me say these few words to you, I am sorry I cannot speak too loudly, it is such a long time since I did any talking at all, I do not find it very easy. The light comes down on this circle, it is so beautiful, but it shines down with the richest of blessings, and know that you are all well guided, thank you again for letting me talk. God bless you all. Geoff – Thank you, bless you.  

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