Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This meditation is a particularly heavy and emotional. It’s a rescue done in 1991. There will be a Doctor Lee Chang who channels through Miriam plus quite a few other doctors there, and we’ve got a full meditation group. Geoff: We are going to link up with the Golden circle and some other circles, to do a type of rescue which is very big. A lot of energy is needed, a lot of understanding from the people, and a lot of love. It’s going to take a few minutes just to get all the circles together – to get the energy uniform so that it can all be used at once. Guide: You are quite correct. This is Doctor Lee Chang tonight. Geoff: Oh, welcome. Guide: And you have many doctors here to help you. Geoff: Good, and thank you. Each circle is meditating – is balancing the circle, so all circles will give energy along a uniform path where it will be directed by one person to the rescue, and all of us will be able to see what is happening. And also, the circles have many subsidiaries that will be called upon as we have – to supply many different types of energy. Guide: Yes, completely different energies. Geoff: So the circles will do the same with other energy sources. Guide: May I just say that we are all here tonight to help you with this. Geoff: That’s excellent. I can see the person who is going to do the rescue. He does not belong to our circle. Guide: No he does not. Geoff: It is one of the other circles, who has asked us to link up, to supply the energy. There are just a few more to come in and then I should be able to see what is happening and can explain. (Long pause) I can see a group of people who are kept in a compound. They are in very poor physical condition and they’re being used as guinea pigs for a form of chemical warfare. Guide: Yes, they are that, which is why you have the doctors with you. Geoff: The people who are conducting this experiment want to let these people go back to their families, so that the disease will spread, and the community will be wiped out. This cannot be allowed to happen. If it were allowed to happen those controlling the chemicals and the people, would try the same thing with other groups and they would soon become megalomaniacs. It would be a source of power, which would accelerate. It draws towards it negative vibrations, evil entities, and they would influence to such a degree that it would be very difficult to stop them. Guide: It must not be allowed to happen. Geoff: What we must do is twofold. Those prisoners that have the chemicals in them will all pass over, but their suffering will be great prior to passing. Those that are witnessing the suffering will be sent from the circle with every ounce of love that we can give, to make them more acceptable to feeling the emotions and pain and suffering of those that are being controlled. It will turn them as a group, so that they will say to themselves. “We have committed a cardinal sin. Mass murder in exchange for power. We have caused a tremendous amount of suffering. More than any human should be able to withstand” and they will turn the other way and feel a tremendous amount of guilt, and they will feel sympathy in life for the prisoners. This is what must be done by our circles. Those prisoners have volunteered for this life (on Earth) and their suffering will be great but only to such a degree. Close to the end the doctors will take over. They will not suffer pain, although giving outwardly symptoms of tremendous suffering and agony, and they will pass over knowing that their job was well done. They will need support in the beginning as the pain starts, and they will be able to feel the love and energy that we are sending. (Long pause) Now, you must just give your love now. Just pour it out into the center of the circle. Just let it come from within. There are so many supporting in the circles. Each of us is used as a channel to provide this earthly vibration of love and it will all be collected from the circles and directed to where it is needed. (Long pause) One by one the prisoners are dying – passing over. Their spiritual bodies are being taken from their physical “before” the physical has actually died. The chemicals in the body will keep the physical functioning for some hours to come, but there is no longer any spirit there. There is no longer any mind in the physicals. Those that are watching the experiment will watch the suffering for some hours to come. They will be left in a circle of absolute love – all that can be given. This love is all that we can give. We know that what they see will turn their minds away from such atrocities in the future and when the experiment has ended and the last physical form has physically died, these people will feel a peace that they have not felt for some time. And a change will take place in their lives. Guide: You have done well. Very well – all of you. Geoff: Thank you. Guide: The power has been tremendous. Geoff: The person, who has overseen this gathering of circles, is called Mark, and he will stay there with many, many spirit helpers to control and direct the energy until the job is finalised. Now, although we have been sending out a tremendous amount of energy and love what has been created in the circle is a form of negative vibration – sadness, sorrow, and so on, and this is in every circle and we must remove this from the circle immediately. And we do this by filling the circle with love from the ground upwards and as the white line moves upwards, the dark vibrations move to the side and disappear from the circle. Guide: And you can literally feel the energy and love coming in, and the negative energy going. It has been such a drain on the emotions. Geoff: Yes. Guide: But it was a job done very well. Geoff: It just shows what can be done. Guide: And that is just one incident of the many that you will accomplish in the not too distant future. Geoff: I’m sure that, that one was in Yugoslavia. Guide: It was, friend, it was. Geoff: However, the more of these we do the easier it becomes. Not so much easier from an emotional point of view, but each one we do, we know we can do – we know we can succeed – and so each one gives each individual, gives each of the circles more power to achieve more things in the future. Guide: Yes, and one recovers quicker too.

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