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In this meditation we are looking at group energies. A guide called White feather is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – Now I have, first of all, and awful lot of motorbikes going down a freeway followed by other vehicles.  It’s a mass exit.  The city is Paris.  And for some reason it was all motorbikes in the beginning. White feather (Miriam):  There is a reason why.  An association. Geoff – I’m seeing a group of people.  In Paris there are several levels of people.  As an example you’ve got all the bikers, for instance, then you’ve got all the pensioners, all the middle class and all the politicians, the religious people and so on.  That’s the groups I’m seeing and this group has, again using a group mind, all thinking the same way, have created something because that same black circle of thought forms is there, they’ve created something and for some reason they are all leaving.  It seems to be a sort of a demonstration. White feather (Miriam): It is. If you can find out what. Geoff – Something was done in Paris and then there was this huge trek.  I saw the beginning of it and I can still see them leaving Paris and the roads are just chock-a-block.  Nobody is going ‘into’ Paris.  It’s a threat to the government using, I think, chemical warfare. White feather (Miriam): Yes, it is. Geoff – Now for some reason this group all believe it’s going to happen but all the other groups don’t believe it’s going to happen.  The leaders of those that are leaving conned all the other people in their group to believe it would happen, to try and get a political point across to persuade the government to do whatever they wanted.  And they created this fear amongst everybody but that fear only extended to that particular group.  The reason why it only extended to that group and not to any others was because the thought forms above the heads of this particular group was very secretive – the group were doing it very secretly and therefore, other people can’t read those thought forms and don’t feel the fear and that’s why they don’t respond to it. White feather (Miriam): Yes it is. Geoff – Isn’t that amazing. White feather (Miriam): That’s very good. Geoff – That is quite something. White feather (Miriam): I think your powers are increasing tremendously. Geoff – Yes, I get surprised every time.  It’s brilliant.  Now if I were able to do this at home, in South Africa…… White feather (Miriam): Oh, you will.  Perhaps starting nearer the end of the year. Geoff – Good.

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