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HEAD WOUND   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation I am doing the healing in astral and Dr. Paul is a spirit Doctor who channels through Miriam for clarity. Geoff:  I have a black boy, an African who has been brought in. He’s on a stretcher and he has his legs bandaged below the knee, his arms bandaged below the elbows and his head heavily bandaged. He has been treated in hospital, but they simply do not have the facilities to mend the damage in the head. I do not know how the accident happened, but the right-hand side of his head has been bashed in, for want of a better word, and the brain has been severely damaged. There are fragments of bone from his skull resting on the top of the brain and these fragments must be removed completely. Miriam (Dr Paul) An excellent diagnosis. This is Dr. Paul. Geoff:  Welcome. Miriam (Dr Paul) I thought I would come for a change and see how the pupils are progressing and I see by that, that you are doing very well indeed. Geoff:  Good. Miriam (Dr Paul) And what would you say we do with the fragments Geoff:  Just with the mind draw them out from the wound in the skull so they rest on the surface there and the doctors will think that the body has pushed them out automatically as a festering splinter would be removed. Miriam (Dr Paul) And if the man on the right (Luke) would visualise his fingertips as magnets to put over the skull, then that will be a big help, and you and your dear lady (Verna) can do the rest. Geoff:  Right. The only other thing we have to do, is once these fragments have been withdrawn which they are at the moment, is give some form of protection to the skull where this wound is. He has a dressing over his head. Miriam (Dr Paul) And what would you suggest you do. Geoff:  It would be wrong to fill in the gaps with bone, because it would be too obvious but the gaps are very wide. I can only think of covering those gaps with power or energy. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes Geoff:  With God’s energy to protect them from damage. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is just right. If you can do that but don’t close the wound completely otherwise it will cause suspicion, but to close it almost. Geoff:  Alright. Miriam (Dr Paul) And can you feel the drawing out, if you visualise like it is? Geoff:  Yes. Miriam (Dr Paul) There is a lot of power coming from you. Geoff:  Yes, I can see the fragments being removed and the wound looked worse than it actually was. It’s closed a small amount, but it’s closed in that the bone that was pushed in has now been pushed back up to the surface, and the damage – the repair – will not be noticed so much by the doctors who will think it is natural. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is right.

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