Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – There is a lot of throat colour blue and green, (Spiritual colours) which is “talking”. Verna – And they have all got little plants, or something, every child has an animal or a plant. It won’t necessarily be given to us for healing, but whatever they have brought will receive healing and they will give healing to whatever they have brought. And your girl that came and lent against me, with the broken doll, she is showing me that it is all fixed now. She is shoving it in your face and says “it is all fixed”, and now she is going to sit down again. There is a tiny baby on the table, can you see it Geoff, it is in a crib. Geoff – Let me have a look, yes. Verna – It seems to be bloated, at first I thought it was overweight, but it seems to be bloated like a balloon. Geoff – Yes, and it has very short arms. This is a doll that one of them has made, they created it themselves, but because of the way it turned out, they are frightened. You must talk to them Verna, it is a little child with blonde hair, a little girl, with a white blouse, and you need to explain to her, that there is nothing to be afraid of, she created it and she can alter it, and you must just put your arm around her and show her how to imagine and you change the creation. And you do that by putting the picture in her mind, so that she can create with her mind and change the shape of the doll. Verna – Yes, and the other thing is, they want us to use it as an example of healing, so the other children will watch and as we teach this little girl to change the shape of this doll, so we teach the little children how their thought forms can heal in the same way that the form of this doll will change. So first of all, I think if you can all help me with this little girl’s mind, let’s first of all make the doll a little bit thinner, because it is a tiny baby doll, and we will make it look like a real baby. So if you can visualise a nice healthy, not fat, just a normal baby of say about five months old. Little wrinkles around its knees, but not fat and bloated. Nice cute little feet, and a tummy not so fat, and no waist, must have lots of tummy or the nappy will fall off, the arms just a little bit longer, and then the legs, a little bit thinner, and the fingers on the hands not so fat, and they must be the same, and she has gone back down to the one foot, because the one foot is bigger than the other, she is not happy. Geoff – But you must ensure that the creation she is making is a doll and not a real baby, so that they don’t get confused. Verna – They say they know it is a doll, but it must look like a baby, and then the head, also a little bit smaller than you have got it, and the nose, also smaller, babies have got tiny little pug noses. Okay now they ask “what’s a pug”. A tiny little nose – can you all please imagine a baby’s nose, because she can’t get this, okay. And now because it is a doll and not a baby, I will give it eyes that open and close, so when you stand your doll up, the eyes will open. And when you lie your doll down, the eyes will close, oh yes and also her mouth, she has got a big mouth, make it a small little mouth, because the mouth will grow, and your doll must have a baby mouth. And then on top if it’s head, do you want your doll to have some hair like yours? Okay think of your hair but not so long, little babies of five months have got little bits of fluff. So take your hair colour and put little bits of hair, no I think your baby shouldn’t have any hair, let’s put a pink bonnet on your doll, a nice pretty pink bonnet. Granny will think of a bonnet for you. Miriam – A pink bonnet with a white edging to it and a little frilly heart at the side, and not a bow, but a fastener, then you don’t have to worry about it pulling the bow out. And what about a pink dress to match. Verna – She says “Yes of course Granny, it is a doll!” (Laughs) Yes she wants to know about the dress, she is looking at you. Miriam – What about a nice silky one, and frilly panties, and do you want booties on? Verna – She says “Yes, also pink” Miriam – Lovely. Verna – Now she is looking back at all the kids, and they are all laughing. Miriam – I hope they made it so the arms and legs are moving, or can be moved. Verna – No, she shakes her head, we better do that. Okay so let’s put some joints in the shoulders, do the arms first, now she can’t work this out. Okay we will imagine it and then you must see what we think, now hold on, we will all put joints in the arms. Come on you can do it, okay, now she is pointing to the neck, and now the legs. Miriam – Then that will make it sit up better. Verna – She puts her hands over her face and says “Oh no” Okay but now all the children have learnt that just by thought form they have fixed this little doll that this little girl didn’t like and was scared of, and we changed it into something that she can love and cherish, and she will keep, and teach her other little friends to make dolls. And also by thought form like we fixed the doll, is how you think of each other and when you want to practice healing. So one of you can pretend to have a sore arm, and all the others can fix the sore arm, you look at the arm and in your mind you make it better, and you will find that the arm will get better, well anyway this is what we were taught when we were taught healing, so we can only tell you what we know. I think everybody agrees here that that’s how they should start, okay they will do that.

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