Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Healing (Spiritual)

Healing touch
1026  Verna visits and brings Patrick
730 4th May 2022 Sharon given new ways of Healing by sensing
733 6th May 2022 Using bright and dark energy.
732 6th May 2022 Healing just with the right heart
2 April 2022 Automatically healing all things through pure thought.
Abandoned white child adopted by African tribe
Addiction rods
Amputation of leg
Arrow in eye
Astral healing through an Idol
Attracting negative energies
Avoiding a train disaster in India
Blind dwarf
Boy caught in snare
Broken arm
Broken back
broken neck
Burnt African
Caesarion birth with spear
Cheating a little
Comas and stillborn
Crocodile and child
Crooked back
Crumbling bones
Damaged eyesight
Damaged spine
Drowning surfer rescue
Dying in a cell
Dying plant in astral
Frozen shoulder
Head wound
Healing night
Healing session for spiritual kids
Healing with sound
heart attack
Heart transplant pain
Helping a dying leader make a final decision
Helping to prevent accidents
High spirit loses eyesight
How spiritual healing works part 1
How spiritual healing works part 2
Itchy eyes
Leaning on guides
Leg would
lost an eye
Lost her daughter to black magic
Man with no arms
Mary breast growth
Medicine man talks on spiritual healing
Meditation and healing
Mikes blocked arteries
Motor accident
Negative barrier around child
Operation on severed arm
Pregnant girl thinking of suicide
Priests try exorcism
Removing glass from damaged eyes
Romany Gypsey
Siamese twins
Side of face pushed in
Small plane crash
Spinal tap
Spiritual band aid in Astral
Stomach cancer
Stopping a disease
Tibetan boy with brain problems
Train accident
Unbalanced mind
Very high spirit burnt in explosion
Wheelchair victim
Why people get healed at Lourdes?   By
Woman with shrapnel in artery
Working together on lungs
Young boy in a wheelchair
Young boy in shock
Young girl held at knifepoint
Your body remembers and can re-create   By

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