Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Verna – And now I see a Mongol child, a boy, probably about fifteen, he is just been brought and is very, very frustrated and angry. Miriam (John) – Very much like one that you had recently. Verna – Yes, and they want us to take the anger out of him, by taking a color away from him. Miriam (John) – By taking the red away from him, such a difficult job. Verna – We have never done that before, we have never taken a color away from anyone before. Miriam (John) – No, but replace it with all the love you can think of, and I think that Geoff can put it into his mind, that there are things that he will be able to do later on in life, if he will let go of the anger within him, he will listen to you more than he will to a woman. One can understand the frustration that they get, not always but they quite often know that it is a life that they have chosen for a particular reason. The majority of these children bring so much love with them to compensate for their disability. And it is generally the more intelligent ones who are the most frustrated. Can you feel that he is listening to you? Geoff – Yes. Miriam (John) – I feel you are far away with him somehow. Geoff – I can understand what he feels. Miriam (John) – You were trying to get in his mind. Geoff – Yes, I am telling him that there is a lot of love here for him, and there are people he can communicate with and there are things that he can do, and he must have patience. Miriam (John) – That will be a big help to him, for he has good parents, but naturally they get frustrated themselves when they cannot help more than what they do. But that will go a long way to helping him to overcome this difficulty. There is such a lot of power coming from the young man on my right, and one day if you realize just how much you send out although you do not say anything, and who are they bringing now?

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