Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Verna and I are doing the healing and a guide called Dr. John is channeling through Miriam – 1992 Geoff:  Next I have a monastery or nunnery where a man has had a heart attack. He is a friar or monk. It’s a monastery where they are not allowed to speak, and they don’t know what to do. He has tremendous pressure over his heart and we must act quickly. If we all imagine if we put our right hands over his heart, and lift the heart up and bring the heart towards you, to allow the pressure that is above the heart to go through-and down again, and up again, just like a one-way valve. By doing this we are pumping the blood down through the heart and releasing the pressure. He will come right. We must continue with this movement, and he will have an understanding of how serious it was, although it looks as if it wasn’t all that serious and he will go and get the proper medical help. It happened very fast – only a few minutes ago. Miriam (Dr John) Do you not find it strange that they are not experienced enough to have thought of something like this themselves, when they profess to be in such high communication with spirit. Geoff:  Well, I think in a monastery – they’re not spiritualists as such. They have a belief, which is not really spiritualism. That is what they could not help. Miriam (Dr John) But ask them and they think that they are – if you can understand what I mean. I’m not saying that they behave the same as the spiritualist movement but they profess to be that much further away from earthly … Geoff:  They believe themselves closer to God. Miriam (Dr John) That’s right. You put it much nicer than I. Geoff:  But nobody taught them any better, so what they believe is right for them. Miriam (Dr John) Yes.    

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