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Verna – I have got a big red circle of blood red light above my head, I am not sure that it is part of a body, because it seems to be pumping, it seems to be alive, and it needs cleansing, I don’t know why it is stuck directly above my head. I am trying to draw it into the center of the circle and it won’t be moved, there is a reason. Geoff – Yes, something has to be done through you, just ask them and they will tell you the reason. Verna – What we actually have to do is make a silver circle around this and then draw some of the silver through to the center, through this redness to cleanse whatever this is. It is definitely throbbing like it is alive. Geoff – It is pain. Verna – Pain? Geoff – Yes, it is extreme pain, I don’t know who it belongs to or whatever, and you drawing the silver through it is to release and calm down the pain so that it can be used where it is needed. There is somebody who is going to have an operation, you are quite right, it is a heart to be put into someone, it is an emergency transplant, somebody has died and they have taken the heart out, it is to go in this man. If they put it in as is, it will cause extreme pain, it is something which the doctors haven’t picked up, they assume the heart is in good condition, they have looked at it quickly, they don’t realize that it will not match up in some way, I can see little bits of yellow, it won’t match up with the receiver, so you must purify, if you like, this heart. It is in a silver bubble above your head and all we do is direct the energy to that bubble, and just give the thoughts that the heart is going to be in perfect condition, absolutely pure and that will cleanse it of this disease or whatever it has got. The woman that it came from had something in her blood stream that doesn’t show up, but it is not important, we just purify, use your mind and concentrate on that bubble and clean the heart – they are in a hurry and as the thought goes, the heart is now totally pure and they take it away again, and immediately start to insert it into the recipient.

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