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HELPING A 12-YEAR-OLD PASS OVER  By SpiritualDictionary.com

Now we have a person with a very unusual disease, his head is much larger than normal and he is extremely handicapped, but he is taken around by loving parents, at the moment he is at the entrance to a theatre, and he will die very quickly. This was his karma to experience this awful disease, and he has successfully gone through the experience and the time has come for him to pass over, and very shortly he will collapse and die very quickly. Verna – His parents are worried about him. Geoff – The strain on the parents has been awful, and first we must deal with him, although he has gone through this experience successfully, he has gone through it knowing only love from his immediate parents and his family, he is twelve, and he knows no other life except for the family which is security and upon his death he will be shocked. But at the same time released to the utmost joy, going from one extreme to the other. We must just tell him in his mind that his passing is perfectly natural, and he is going home and there will be a lot of happiness, and he must just prepare himself for this, it will happen very, very shortly. And there is no reason for concern, and at the moment his higher self is descending into his physical to explain to him the procedure of passing over, and the peace and tranquillity, and happiness and joy that he will feel, and because he does not talk normally he is understanding what the higher self is saying, and nobody else will know. We leave the higher self to do its job there and concentrate on the parents, who for the past twelve years have had so much heartache and stress, and unhappiness and strain. They have unique love for this child, because he is so unwanted by society, a love which very few people experience in many lifetimes, and their first reaction will be of fear for the child. And heartache and grief and it will very, very quickly change, which is what we must help with, to relief that this child now is passing into a much better world, that his agony and suffering on the earth plane is over. And they will feel such a release of emotion that he has passed over, and it will help them with their grief. He is starting to fall, stay with the parents, just put calm into their minds. Verna – Because they have put everything they have got into this child for twelve years. It has been total dedication. Geoff – Yes, wrap all them of them in a pink blanket, give them all the love you have, wrapped in a pink blanket so this passing over will be quickly realized by all parties, and understood and relief will come to all. And he starts to pass over now. Verna – I see his parents looking up, almost as if they know. Geoff – Yes, they understand, they are experiencing something, which they knew would come someday, and they have prepared themselves for it. But they are feeling such extreme grief and this one that they have looked after for so many years is now being taken from them. He passes over and as he does so, he looks down upon his parents and because of what he has learnt through his higher self he understands completely, and is already sending volumes of love to his parents to stop their grief. The parents are accepting this love, from him and from us and the circle. They are saying to themselves now, it was expected, it is for the better, he will be at peace now, we will have no more trauma. Verna – But the pain is still there. Geoff – The pain is there but they have given them the understanding, which makes it that much easier. Now we must withdraw from that and let nature take its true course so that they can rid themselves of the emotions, without suppressing them, that is very important, and we leave the two of them surrounded by this blanket which will help with the shock and the emotion they feel, and will help to calm them down during the next few hours when they will go through the formalities of death. And it will gradually sink in. We leave them with lots of love and withdraw.

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