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HELPING A CAVE DIVER PASS OVER By SpiritualDictionary.com


And now we have 2 people who go caving, and in front of me I can see a ladder coming from one cave down to a pebble beach below ground, and they come to a lake, and roof comes down to join the water of the lake and there is one person standing on the beach and his friend has been diving on the other side of the lake, and he is beneath the water, nothing has happened yet, but it is about to. There is an underground cavern, this diver will go down through a hole into a smaller cavern near the side and he is drawn upwards to a light, but the light I think is a spirit waiting to take him, it is happening at the moment, I see him surface on the other side and looks straight up to the spirit, the chamber has a type of poisonous gas in it, and he will die very quickly. The reason the spirit is there is so that he does not die in fear and darkness, for his mind would be very badly distorted and he would have difficulty in passing over. He is looking up at this spirit and beginning to realise that it is a spirit, and as he does so he is dying. Miriam (Dr Paul) – That was very, very well picked up, excellent work with that, not an easy one at all, you did very well. Geoff – The spirit is lifting him up, and he will pass over and…….. Miriam (Dr Paul) – And what is your purpose? Geoff – To give him confidence to go with the spirit because it has all happened so quickly and so suddenly and he is not sure, so we help lift him upwards, and when he comes out into the daylight, he will then realise that he has died, or begin to realise that he has died and he will pass over. He also has great concern for his partner, for he knows how important it is, and we will assure him that his partner will be fine. Verna – And not go off and look for him, and worry about him. Geoff – And look for help, so we will convince his partner to go for help. And he must go through those experiences, it is part of his karma, but it will all be over in a matter of a few hours. Also we must put into his mind that when he comes back with a rescue team, there will be a possibility of gas in another cave so they will make sure that they test for this, before they remove their breathing equipment. They will see that the physical body of this person has removed equipment, and has died and will guess immediately. Verna – This spirit is actually moving this physical body from the section where this guy died, they are actually moving his body to where there is no gas, back as far as they possibly can, they won’t just go in there, they will find the body without going into this cave. Geoff – Yes, I can see that, and the post mortem will show the gas, and others will be saved in the future.

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