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And now we have a very easy rescue to do, I have gone up two flights of stairs in an old wooden house where all the wood has been painted black, and it is maybe one hundred years old and in the end bedroom, there is a young girl of about twenty, who has died of tuberculosis. She knew that she had tuberculosis and her young brother of four years old used to visit her when he was not allowed. And he contracted tuberculosis and died before she did. She initially thought that the fault was all hers, and would not pass over because she felt that she did not deserve it. Instead she kept that as her attachment and she travelled to other houses in the district where there are others suffering from the same fate. And she has devoted her time to keeping children away from tuberculosis sufferers because they are very susceptible to it, and can pick up the disease simply by breathing the air in the same room. She is listening to us talk this very minute and we must get through to her that the time has come for her to progress by passing over and by learning more. Her vibrations are not low it is just that she is so stubborn and insists on staying on an earth vibration. We must tell her that by passing over her powers will be greatly increased and that she can do far more good but still be able to help in this particular field, but she will be able to visit more people, and that she will also heal in her spirit form. She is looking at us and smiling and she is completely surrounded by orange as if she has wrapped a huge orange shawl around her. And she is saying yes she knows and she agrees, she understands and it has been so long since she raised her vibrations above earth because of her stubbornness, but we just need to give her a little energy to raise her vibrations, and she starts to move upward and out of the house and above the roof tops and there are family there to receive her and her guides, and she gives us her thanks and moves off to the next stage of her advancement.

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