Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation we are being shown various patients in Astral, and have to sense their problems, and how to help them. Geoff:      I’ve got an old man here with a grey moustache – he’s on a stretcher and he’s in some middle-east country.  He’s just been carried into a room – he’s unconscious and covered with a blanket.  They put the stretcher on the floor and he’s actually riddled with cancer.  The cancer has grown inside him and spread throughout his body very uniformly. We know that he is about to die and he knows it.  In the center of his chest, the heart center, it is actually white – it’s like white stone and this is the only part that is keeping him alive.  It’s his belief and his love for his people or tribe that is making him hang on to life.  His mind is so strong – he’s determination so strong – that it has kept him alive far longer than normal.  Our job is to tell him that he has completed what he came to earth for and now it is time for him to let go and pass over.  The room that he’s gone to or been taken to is full of his friends and supporters.  He is a leader of some kind and he must now pass on – he’s going to pass over but he must appoint someone to take his place – that’s the important part.  He has been unsure of whom to choose. We must clear his mind for a few moments before he passes over so he can think, query and make the right decision and know himself that it is the right decision so that he can pass over in peace.  He’s asked to speak and he’s asked that they sit him up while he talks.  There are three people that he must choose from and he hasn’t yet made the decision.  The decision must come from him to give him peace of mind to pass over, and from the three people it is the one in the center who will do the most good in the future.  We know this and spirit knows this, and we must send this message to this man so that he chooses the one in the center.  The message is also to include the feeling that once he has made this decision he will be content and satisfied with his condition and he will then let go and can then die peacefully.  His higher self is here and his higher self will be the link.  Now that we have created these thought forms, we put them into the higher self and it is immediately channelled down to the physical.  Our assistance now is to go to the physical and we must all put our hands on either side of this man’s head and imagine that the center – or his brain if you like – is silver for energy and clarity.  It’s like giving it a clear color, the color of water or pure crystal or whatever and this man will make the decision and he will realise very quickly the one that he will choose.  And he has decided and is putting it forward. The center one accepts and he will be a great influence in bringing peace to the Middle East – a great influence. And now as this old man let’s go, he is feeling tremendous pain down the spine, the cancer is eating away at the nervous system down the spine. In a short while he will sleep and during the night he will pass over peacefully and content. There is one last thing to do and that is to put into the minds of the other 2 that they will accept the leadership of the 3rd person, and support him in what he must do. All 3 are receiving a gold light from spirit, which is reinforcement and blessings for the arduous tasks that they have ahead of them. And we can now withdraw, there are other spirit there that will look after the dying leader until he passes over and make his last few hours without pain. And we withdraw. Miriam (Dr Paul)     And because he has chosen the man in the center there will be far less bloodshed in the future. This is Dr Paul, and your diagnosis was very good.

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