Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



 Miriam (Channeling) – Greetings to you, this is my first visit, but I heard so much laughter going around with the children, and such a bright light, that I thought I would come and see what was going on. We have all heard of what love comes from this circle, especially on the healing night, and from all the meditation, and this is the first time that I have been able to come. I am one that does much traveling, it is my job to see that those who are newly arrived have been directed, not that is not right, not directed, it is all freewill, even on our side, but that they have chosen the path, which leads to the right place for them. For those of you who do not know, there is as much free will up here as there is on earth, and the more you are free to choose whichever path you like, once you are past the children’s stage and you know instinctively which path to take for you to fulfill your karma for the future, that is not to say that you know what that karma is going to be, but the feeling is given to you. That might sound strange but that is so, just as you know that when you are coming home, that that is home, it matters not what part of the world you are in, it is what you are calling home, then instinctively you know that this is the path that you must choose. And we are there, many like myself, we are there to see those who are perhaps dithering between one path and the other. And in our case we are able to show these people a little glimpse of what is ahead to help them to choose. Not too much, and these of course are the ones who are not to be in the grey lands or the dark lands. It is a tremendous task but one we really enjoy. It is a responsibility for although we know which path is the best for them, we cannot actually direct them but we can put different thoughts into their mind to give them the choice. So that even if their eyes are not opened enough for them to see part of the future, then at least they have the ideas put in their mind and it is not long before they choose the right place. Sometimes they are   torn because they see members of their family or friends, and they wish to be with them, but then we have to tell the that they can still follow their path but they may still see their friends whenever they wish but not constantly as if they were living in close proximity. They only have to wish to see whoever it is and if that person is not occupied then they will be there. This is what we have to put into their minds and give them the assurance they need. Geoff – Do you work a lot with people on earth just before they pass over? Miriam (Channeling) – Yes we do for in this way it is easier for us to find what frame of mind they were in prior to passing over and how quickly they will be able to adapt. For we already know, not all, but most of what lessons they are going to need and which choice of paths they have to follow. Geoff – I can see two things, which is a little confusing, I can see you as traveling, and with a black band around your forehead or headpiece, almost that of a nun, I can see someone else standing in a black cloak, again it could be a nun’s habit, but white around the hood, and what I am getting is both are you, when you go down on earth and talk to people on earth, you appear in a different manner. Miriam (Channeling) – That is quite right, your gift of seeing is expanding, but also we have these on because when we talk to the people who are just passing over then there are quite a few dressed just the same as I and we can point these out to the people. So that they do not feel that they are being chosen for anything wrong or different, that we are a group but specifically attending to that particular person. Geoff – But the image that you show on earth, it gives out such a beautiful, warm and loving image, as they see you, it really is beautiful. Miriam (Channeling) – Yes. And it is this type of work that we ourselves did when we were on earth. I hope that has given you another little something to think about, certainly it has given the young man on my right some different experience to what he   has had in the other circle. But let me assure you that there are so many wonderful things that you can learn, but you do not always have to take it as gospel that what you are told is true. You just absorb and take in what you want to and the rest will come gradually. Just accept that what you are taught here is definitely truthful, we may tease a little individually, as this lady will tell you, but when it is in the circle and individually if you ask if that is truthful, then we are compelled to give the right answer. I would like to come again another time and tell you a little more about the work that we do, if you would like that, and I shall get ready the answers to the questions that I know will be forthcoming. Geoff – Yes, that would be wonderful. Miriam (Channeling) – May God’s blessings be yours now and forever more and may you grasp what treasures you have, what blessings you have and hold them to you and bring them out at times of distress, and know that these blessings are never taken away from you, for they come with God’s love. Geoff – Thank you, and bless you. Verna – Thank you, bless you. Verna – I got my dad, and I said come on old man, tell me what it was like when you passed over, and he laughed and said it was beautiful, it was confusing, in fact it was quite chaotic because he knew that he no longer had the pain but he still had the feeling, the emotion of having the pain. And then he asked if I could understand that, and I said well no not really. So then he said like when you have got a headache or a terrible cramp, the rest of your body reacts to your mind, your mind runs around telling your body you are in pain, when the pain is gone the rest of your body calms down. And what happened with him is when the pain left his spirit still held onto some of this reaction, and that is why they took him to convalescence. But he said it was peaceful, it wasn’t traumatic, and so I said come on stop now, why don’t you channel and tell everybody this. And he said ‘what me? Don’t you remember I hated even talking on the telephone’? And then we kind of stopped from   there and he said okay he would come back to me and we would have a nice long chat to me about what it is like. He is still not doing anything yet, he says time is like indifferent up there, it is just like he has been up there for a few days you know. There is no rush for him to suddenly learn or do anything, he said there was one bad thing about being in spirit, and that is they inform you that you have got to go back to earth, so he said to them, well have a word with God and ask him if he can do me a favour and let me stay. And I said what happened? And he said they reassured him that by the time he would have to come back to earth, he would want to. Then you have learnt enough to know that that is what you want to learn and want to achieve and then you actually look forward to coming back. Geoff – Yes, you only come back when you are ready, it is your choice. Verna – So that was wonderful.

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