Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation I am experiencing the lesson, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is Mr Wu. Geoff – Again there is somebody very strong with me. I’m in a cave. I think it’s an extension to where I’ve been before. I’m not sure. It’s very strange. Where I started, on the floor, there were stone bodies carved- all lying side by side, and the stone is very polished. It was like a mass grave, but had all this intricate stone work put on top all in one piece. That’s what it seems to be -but I’ve walked through a little way and come to the entrance, which is covered in greenery, and when I look out I’m sort of half way up a hill, and it’s inaccessible for virtually anybody except a rock climber and, is there a little Valley in front of me? Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff – And a hill. Now I start by going back in the cave to see what I can find. What seems strange is, when I go back towards where I came in, it seems to be the end of a dimension. I cannot see ahead of me….just this…like a brick wall. Miriam (Mr Wu) You are right. You are at the end of one dimension. Geoff – What is in this cave is not important. It’s just the entry point to what I’m going to see. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff – So I go out through the cave entrance into this valley. There’s a nice river below which links up to another river, and there’s some heavy forest. I’m going down amongst this heavy forest, and there are Bushmen or pygmies living there. Now, it’s an old race that has got well behind the times. Miriam (Mr Wu) Very old. Geoff – What they’re experiencing at the moment is seeing a spirit arrive which is me. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. It is. Geoff – What they’ve learnt over centuries is just to do with faith. They’ve built up a faith over the centuries, because what they’ve been told handed down from their elders, etc. – handed down through generations – and they all believe that they can actually see spirits and Gods and whoever comes down… Miriam (Mr Wu) Oh, yes they do. Geoff –… …and that’s why they can see. They’re taught to expect it, and when it happens for the first time, they expect it to happen and therefore they can see. Now they’re seeing me as a shape. I’ve sort of detached myself and sat down amongst them, and I’m looking at me as a shape, as a human, surrounded by a ball of white light, but a very, not bright white but just whitish light. Like a mist. Miriam (Mr Wu) Like a mist – yes. Geoff – And they’re all – they’re all looking towards this thing which is me, and they’re saying, sort of, we all have a problem – we’re asking you for advice. Miriam (Mr Wu) That is what you have to do. Geoff – Yeah. They, sort of, see me as a Godlike creature. Miriam (Mr Wu) That’s right. A Godlike figure and now you must find out their problem. Geoff – Right. I can best do it from where I am amongst them- and feeling the vibrations that are around, and for this I’ll use the third eye which I got yesterday to see it clearer. It’s the passing of an elder of the tribe. It’s an old woman – a wise old woman, the medicine woman of the tribe, and she is about to die- and knows she is about to die. And because of what they have been taught, they summoned me to take her spirit, which they will actually be able to see, over to the other side so it’s a very important ceremony. Miriam (Mr Wu) Very important. You have done something similar before, but not quite been seen in the same context. Geoff – Now, I can see how all this ties in with spirit work. You’ve got these people who are so developed in one sense, but not in another. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, which is most important. Geoff – Yes – you’re right, and spirit knows, whoever is showing me this, knows when that woman is about to die, and therefore can bring someone like me along to do the necessary at the right time. Now, if she were to die in say three hours time, he would use somebody else from a different group, so I just happen to be the lucky one. Miriam (Mr Wu) You are. Geoff – Now, what I’ve said is not exactly true, because you can change time. I can do this before or after the event, and still have the same result with what they see. Miriam (Mr Wu) But….? Geoff – This one is actually happening now. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff – I went back into the misty light, and then I moved forward and they watched me and then I went through to this woman and that’s where I’ve been talking from. Now that she’s seen me she knows she is about to pass over, and the transfer is going to be far different than normal. Because she can see me – she is expecting it and she will not resist at all. She welcomes it, but she will pass over as- it won’t be a shock to her system. What I’m doing now is lifting the spiritual body out of the physical, and it comes away very quickly. I put my hand on the back of the head and sort of ran it along the body and just lifted it out. I have stood her next to me. Miriam (Mr Wu) And they can see it. Geoff – Yes. The physical’s still there. I’m walking out now with her to the entrance of the hut, and all the people are gathered watching- and they’re all – they’re all sending such a tremendous amount of love – a group love which is beautiful and it’s – it’s not just love, it’s …reverence. Miriam (Mr Wu) Reverence – a bit of worship. Geoff – Yes and it’s making their faith so much stronger, and the woman on my right is feeling this reverence and love. She understands what is going to happen so far. She has total, total faith and she is happy to cross over. The loved ones she’s leaving behind- she doesn’t feel grief for -because this is a big event in their lives, and there’s no grief from either side. Miriam (Mr Wu) No, no grief from either side. Geoff – Now, there’s something I must do before we go. She is in me or with me. She must – she is expecting to do something. I’m just trying to pick up what it is. Miriam (Mr Wu) You must leave a blessing with the tribe. A benediction, as it were. Geoff – It is happening at the moment. Somehow it is being created through her thoughts and through our energy. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff – It is being created and passed now to the people. So, let me just figure that out. ……It’s creation. Miriam (Mr Wu) I never really expected you to get so far. Geoff – She thought – she didn’t word the blessing. She thought of it, because she expected it to happen- and she wanted to get this across to the people. Our energy was used and those – her thought was compiled by helpers, past people who had been over before. They put it into the correct language and words, and I see it there as a ball of energy…. Miriam (Mr Wu) Your energy. Geoff – …sending out these words physically to the people. This ball of energy is actually speaking physically to the people and I can hear it. Miriam (Mr Wu) Now, is that not a wonderful experience? Geoff – It is indeed. Now, as we move off, what is left behind is a big ball of mist. The images fade and the mist remains there, and disperses over the next about three hours. During this time they will celebrate and give thanks and all sorts of things – it’s a way of getting out as well. I’ve moved to the other side of this mist, with this woman where there are a lot of helpers from her tribe who have passed over before, who are taking over and taking her on her way. She is totally, totally, comfortable with all of this because she recognises the people. It is what she expected would happen, and she moves off with no trouble at all. And I’m just remaining there watching this scene through the mist. I can see through it – from there they can’t see me- and I can feel what they’re experiencing – their emotions, the love, their thanks, the confirmation that another event has gone, sort of, according to plan – according to their lifestyle, their religion. And it’s very happy- and it also makes the tribe so much closer together. And they also have the group mind as well as the individual minds. . Miriam (Mr Wu) And that is just a sample of what you will be doing in the future. Geoff – That was great. Such a lovely feeling for me as well- to be able to do that. Miriam (Mr Wu) It makes material worries (laughter) fade into insignificance, does it not? Geoff – It certainly does. Miriam (Mr Wu) Because your life on earth is such a small span in comparison. Geoff – Yes. A beautiful feeling inside. Right – I’ll leave that one and drift off. Now, should I go back to the same way I came because it is a different dimension, or not, or doesn’t it make any difference? Miriam (Mr Wu) The choice is yours. Geoff – In that case, I’ll go straight up – oh, it doesn’t make any difference, you can just…. Miriam (Mr Wu) It doesn’t. Geoff – What it is, is a point, it’s like the first page of a book. If I had to direct somebody there I would direct them the same way as I went, because I know it- that’s all it is, it’s a signpost. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff – Right, I’m drifting on through clouds and the feeling is beautiful. I’m feeling on top of the world, with what I’ve experienced and with what I’m doing. And there are others around me. They’re all going their own separate ways doing their own different things – they’re all working – and I’m going to meet someone……..

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