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Geoff – I have someone who has been brought on a stretcher and there is something that we have got to do pretty fast.  All I can see is his eyes and around the eyes are huge black circles, like outsized black eyes.  It is an infection that has almost reached the brain, it has affected the eyesight and seems to have eaten away the eyes and is going backward into the brain.  It was a particularly bad infection and the eyesight cannot be restored. It was this spirit’s karma and he knew this was to come and now needs the infection stopping before it damages the brain and also he is feeling immense trepidation that he chose this path and how to live with it.  He has had a tremendous fear that if this disease were not stopped it would start to eat away his brain, which would result in a form of madness and then death. He has started to lose faith for he is quite advanced and knows in his earthy body a lot about spiritual matters and had total faith until the last few weeks, where it has been stretched to the limit. And now he is not sure.  We must place our hands over the eyes, all of us, one over each and we must do two things which we can do simultaneously, leave the hands there for spirit will provide the power to heal this disease and stop the progress of this disease, but more important, we must impress upon this person that his faith was not unfounded and he must believe totally that the disease has been halted for him to continue with the karma that he has chosen. The main energy will come from Luke to halt the disease and to do this you imagine in your mind the black disease going to the back of the eye sockets and the grey brain behind.  The grey brain you must turn into a ball of white light and sever the connection between the white light and the disease, so the whole matter becomes clean and protected.  While Luke concentrates on that, the three of us will get through to the mind of this young man and reassure him that his faith will be totally restored.  And that tin the future when something as bad as this happens again which he will expect at the time, his faith will be far stronger and he will cope far easier. While we are doing this healing, the young man sits upright in the chair and we are not communicating with his higher self, but directly with him on the physical plain, he knows that this is happening and for our benefit we are told that this is one of the highest tests that a man can go through, for his knowledge of spiritual matters is limited to what is learnt on the earth plain in this life. Once over this stage he will help many people in the future as he will develop and advance spiritually very quickly and develop new senses because of the loss of his eyesight and because he was so close to losing faith.  We can start to withdraw now for the healing process has been completed and he has received the message that we sent as a group.  As further assurance to him we will leave energy with him and also the invitation for him to contact us at any time in the future should he feel the need for.

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