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HOW A GERMAN OFFICER FELT By SpiritualDictionary.com

Geoff –     There’s some more to this.  I’m going down to an area in France.  I’m on a bridge over a river – it’s autumn, all the trees are bare.  It’s a beautiful town and there are German troops marching in there.  What I’m feeling is a dead vibration throughout this town.  Not sadness or defeat or anger but just dead, nonexistent, neutral – it’s a very strange feeling – it’s like picking up the hand of somebody whose dead, it’s cold and clammy. Miriam (Ishmael)     Not a nice feeling. Geoff –     No.  It’s dead for a reason, the whole area, the whole town and I can see it enveloped with this sphere of dead energy.  What it does is – the Germans took over this town and they held a lot of important meetings there, trained officers, decision makers and so on.  It was an important training area for the German officers.  This dead feeling was established by the good spirits and when German officers would come in to this town they would have their share of the group energy brought down to a neutral level therefore slowing down the growth of this powerful negative group energy the Germans were creating. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes – something that you would not expect. Geoff –     No, but it was a way of controlling the growth. Miriam (Ishmael)     It was.  So much can be done by thought energy. Geoff –     Now, I’ve asked to find one German officer so that I can get inside and feel what change took place and I have the image of one.  I can see the gold leaf around his hat and I can see him standing leaning against a building out of character of how a German officer should act and I’ve gone inside him.  Now, this is also very interesting – he’s not there, nor is his spirit.  I’ve gone inside the memories of him that were left there. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff –     Through his eyes I’m seeing railway tracks and trains – I’m seeing the whole thing in a very grey picture.  When he thinks back – thinks back the last few years in which he was rising to the rank he has at the moment in the German army, the enthusiasm he had believing they would conquer the other countries and believing that what Hitler said and what they were doing was the right thing to do – the propaganda was very, very, strong. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, and that was the main thing – that he thought he was doing well. Geoff –     Yes, and now he feels empty inside and he views everything as very grey and dull.  I’m seeing the scene of trains and railway lines and industrial yards – everything is grey, it’s raining, it’s dismal and he is standing on the side, leaning back against the building, he’s lost his etiquette – how he should act as a German officer of such a high rank and he thinks back to his wife who he rarely sees now.  It was five years ago when the war started or he got involved and thinking back to those five years ago, he sees his wife in a garden with flowers and it’s bright red, bright yellow, bright green, the flowers and lawns and so on surrounding his wife and this beautiful loving, homely and feeling of happiness etc.  Now he’s in a world which is grey and raining and he sees everything as being grey.  He doesn’t see colours anymore – it’s the way he thinks – although the colours are there he sees it all as grey and drab and miserable and he’s beginning to…..he’s not yet wondering whether or not he was right in the last five years, all he can see is that now it is miserable whereas before it was much happier.  When he leaves this town he will go back amongst fellow officers and other people and he will be surrounded by the normal colour and he will feel – he will feel different because what he’s done is taken with him this dead feeling from the town – it’s surrounded and enveloped his aura and he’ll carry it with him.  When he meets other people he will see how happy they are compared to himself only and he will begin to understand and begin to think for himself what is right and wrong ….. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff –     ……and he will begin to go against what he is doing. Miriam (Ishmael)     That is so. Geoff –     Now, I see him at the gate to a house – it’s in a wood.  The gate is just some strands of wire which he climbs over.  He’s got his jackboots on and his grey overcoat.  He’s going up to this house where there is an elderly French couple – middle aged French couple and he goes in, and it is here that he breaks down completely.  Now, this is just his story – everybody has different stories.  Now, the house that he’s in has such a lot of happy, loving vibrations in and those vibrations alone without the help of spirit and the people there break down the dead feeling in this officer’s aura and releases him from it and that release is the turning point where he breaks down in tears and really sort of falls apart –  and then starts to think for himself and he sees things in a whole different light,  and then he becomes a positive force – a good force – with the determination to correct what is wrong and I presume along with many others and then starts to change the group negative power of the German forces. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes he does and he could not have achieved anything like it if he had not experienced what he had in the beginning…. Geoff –     Yes, that is very interesting. Miriam (Ishmael)     ….but he had to plumb the depths of despair – the negative feelings as you say. Geoff –     Yes – and then I can see an overall picture of the morale of the German army starting to crumble because of this positive inroad being made into this large negative force and it just accelerates, gets faster and faster until the dark power subsides in the middle and that is when the war ends. Miriam (Ishmael)     A wonderful experience. Geoff –     Hmm.  Certainly is. It will be interesting to see or to feel the reaction of the German people after the war. Miriam (Ishmael)     Would you like to try for that tonight or another time. Geoff –     Whatever you think is best. Miriam (Ishmael)     Concentrate and then we shall see. Geoff –     Right, well, we’ve already left that so somebody’s made a decision. (laughter)

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