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HOW DO I FIND OUT WHO I REALLY AM?   By SpiritualDictionary.com

One of the great questions, and one I could spend hours and hours writing about. Let’s start with what we know…Whichever Religion you follow, we are all a part of God. The answer is within you…Who you really are and how you live your life is what really counts. What is more important to you, Money or your friend next door? Are you really honest? If you found a roll of $100 bills on the floor of your local Supermarket, would you hand it in, or keep it. If you see an old lady trip and fall in the street, would you rush to her aid or quickly look the other way? When was the last time you helped someone …(without getting paid for it)?


You must be truthful with your answers…after all, it is YOU that is looking for ‘Who You Really Are’. Switch off the TV, Radio, phones etc, and find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Sit quietly in a comfortable position (Not slouching or you may fall asleep) Upright in a comfortable chair or cross-legged if you can sit that way. After you have done this for a while ask yourself some basic questions, such as the $100 bills on the floor. Would you have done it differently today? What would the real you really want to do…or Do I portray a different character to others… Do people see the real me. After a while you will find out ‘Who you really are.’  

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