Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – A build-up of negative experiences is very solid and takes a lot of time to break down, it forms like a scale, and when you need to change that person’s attitude or outlook, you get a different reaction, it will take a lot of time and energy and strength to get through to that person to make them change their character and when it does happen, this very hard vibration will shatter and the change will be very quick, such as when somebody breaks down and all the emotions come out. It is a cleansing process. The opposite to that is somebody who is totally in love, and the love emotion although being a lot softer, it does build up strength, the longer it goes the stronger it gets. And it would take a serious jolt to shatter this loving vibration, such as a woman finding out that her husband is having an affair, if it is a serious jolt it shatters that love vibration and leaves the woman exposed, then it takes time for her to build up that strong vibration again. I think that sometime in the future I will be able to see these energy forms which are, it is partly auras or very similar to auras, it is the basis of an aura, when you see an aura there is an awful lot more to it than what has just been described, but what we are looking at is the basic vibration that is there. You can have for instance, a woman totally in love, which is a thick pink aura around here, but then she is angry at the children where you would see a black and a dark red colour around the head region Miriam – What is the grief color, for anybody who clings onto grief too long? Geoff – Grief is something which sometimes the body has to go through, it is part of a healing process, if somebody would have grief one day and total happiness the next, there wouldn’t be enough understanding of the grief, the stronger the love the more grief you experience when a loved one passes over, presuming of course that they don’t know anything about spiritualism, this grief surrounds them and becomes thick and solid, and in a way it is necessary for that person to suffer that grief. Now it may be painful for them at the time, but in nearly all cases grief is part of a lesson that must be learnt, to help with someone who has tremendous grief, it is not to ask that the grief be taken away but to ask that they have strength to cope with this grief, to understand it and to accept it, put into them lots of love and help them to understand, accept and come to terms with that grief. Because only once they have conquered and understood that grief will that lesson be complete. Now if for instance someone is suffering from grief, and in turn takes their own life, then they will want to return at a later stage to go through that same emotion again. When that happens a second time around, at the time of the tragedy when the person is experiencing the grief, he will be helped and assisted by spirit so that the grief doesn’t become so unbearable so that the person will want to take his life as happened the first time around, they will keep it very, very close to, so that person will experience as much as possible and then maybe he will have to return again, to experience it again and maybe this time he will be able to handle all of it. But grief is a process we all must go through, however painful. Everybody has suffered grief in their lives, and normally by this stage you have suffered the major grief lessons that you have had to learn, such as losing one very close to you or a child, at this stage of development should you lose a loved one knowing what you do, you would also be very happy for them that they have come across to our side and are happy, that you can understand more. Tonight’s lesson is a lot about trust because half the time I don’t know whether it is me talking, or spirit talking through me. Just got to go ahead and say what comes into my head, very interesting though isn’t it? As you progress through life, the grief that you suffer takes on a finer type of grief that you are able to control and able to experience at a higher level, such as the love you felt for your cats, when they went, the grief then was not as drastic as losing a loved one but the grief was still there and there was a lot of pain, But also when you think about it, a lot of love and affection flowed out from your system to that animal, and this assisted the cat to pass over. It also created a close bond between you and the cat, which is shown later when it can come and visit and can in turn assist you to help see it, and assist in your development. In astral or when you have passed over and you move from one stage to the next, the feeling that you get is not one of grief, but a controlled grief, a higher finer point of grief, it is like leaving your loved one at the station knowing you will see them the following week when they return. Like when you are in love and your sweetheart goes away and you know they are coming back. Now when somebody passes from one level to another, you know that you can visit them and they can visit you in the future, but you still get this feeling of parting, of sorrow, but it is a beautiful feeling of sorrow, can you understand that? The spirit that have assisted with the teaching tonight, were asked to come here by the Cardinal (A super person we helped rescue) and they all help the Cardinal, and in the future when I teach I will also be surrounded by helpers because you don’t do this type of thing on your own, you can do specific things but it is better to surround yourself with a group of people who can help when necessary, and each may specialize in a specific form of healing. And you can call upon their expertise when necessary, the healing that will be done in the future won’t automatically be, I won’t be able to see what the damage is and fix it automatically, by spirit telling me that will just make me a channel for spirit powers to heal, but I will have to consider and look at the patient as a doctor would, and decide in the first instance what should be done. As with doctors on earth, there will be mistakes, and when these mistakes occur they are for a reason but it is important that we do not lose faith when this happens. We must remember it is for a reason. The more that we can learn and make our own decisions, the more we can leave spirit to help and to teach others. There may be instance where something occurs where you have to give immediate healing, and you may call upon the various spirit doctors who are helping you teach, and they may be busy with several other healings at the same time, and they cannot immediately come and join you, when the message goes out that you want assistance to heal, then it is directed to the nearest available spirit. This is not instant as they work on various levels and various locations, so that is why you build the energy and experience within yourself, so that you can cope with an emergency before assistance from spirit is given. Next we will look at karma and you must realize that not all people can be healed, on many occasions you will be asked to assist or heal a patient who must not be healed, or who will not be healed. You will quickly be able to identify that it is this patient’s karma that they continue to suffer with the disease that they have, for it is part of their chosen path. You can however assist as you see fit, to either remove the pain for a period or to help to boost them mentally so they are able to cope with the lesson that they have chosen. It is also important that you do not over step the mark with the powers that you have been given, it is up to you to assist to the best of your ability and with the experience that you have, there is always a danger that once you have these healing powers that you will misuse them, I do not mean misuse for gain for yourself, or for the dark side but as an example you could want to show off with your powers, again it is your decision to use these powers to do the most good, it may not be an advantage for instance to demonstrate on television what can be done. This remarkable that can do so and so, you must think how that will affect the people who see it, you must decide whether or not they will believe or whether or not they will benefit from it. By teaching others how to heal, you will do the most good and you have been entrusted with these powers and they will develop to a degree that you did not think was possible. Once you have this knowledge it is difficult to take the knowledge back, not so much the power but difficult to take the knowledge back. Therefore you are entrusted to use to the best of your ability and to everybody’s advantage. It has taken a long time to get to this position, but there is always the danger that the responsibility given cannot be handled, we do not doubt that you cannot cope with it, it is a decision that is not made lightly, you have had many lifetimes of training, and we are confident that you will handle it but you must be ever aware of the dangers. I think for the first night this is enough, I give you thanks and bless you. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Good evening, it is neither Ishmael nor Mr Wu, but Dr Paul. Geoff – Welcome Miriam (Dr Paul) – And I am so very pleased to notice that you have progressed sufficiently to be given this knowledge, for it is quite true and it is something that you all hoped that you will be able to have one day and it has been given to you. And we know that you will work hard not to abuse this trust, there are not many people who are given this knowledge without many, many years, but you are ready and it is the path that you have chosen, and we, as I say, are so very pleased that our faith in you has not been misguided, you have not fallen by the wayside and thought it was too hard, no matter what trials you have in your material life. There is so much that you will do in the future with this that you will really be amazed and wonder how you ever could manage but manage you will, and you will have such grateful thanks from your helpers, knowing that you are following their advice. I will not say anymore tonight but I will be back many times in the future and as you have been told you have only to call when circumstances arise when you need anyone, and the nearest available will come to assess the situation as to whether they will be able to assist or you need further help. But help asked for in the right way will always be given, and I must stress in the right way. You will be tempted, it is natural, you are only human, I should say that you are still in the physical body and that you have human senses, but you have plenty who will assist you to overcome any difficulties you may have, as long as you have faith in them and their ability to help you. And your higher self will use all the powers that it has to also assist you, for that is something that is always with you, your higher self, and that is why you are able to see Miriam’s tonight and you did not see Luke’s but it was there. Geoff – I have seen that before. Miriam (Dr Paul) – You have been given much to think about tonight, and we are pleased it is on tape. Geoff – Could I ask a question? When I was talking then, it seemed to be half me and half spirit. Miriam (Dr Paul) – It was Geoff – What should it be? Miriam (Dr Paul) – Just as it was, half you and half spirit. That is quite often done, sometimes they like to see how far you can go on your own and then if they think that you are not picking up the vibrations correctly or the words correctly they speak up and as long as you are open they can do that quite easily as you have just seen. Geoff – Yeah, I was surprised when I thought it was me talking, and I talked about it as if it was spirit, and then I heard it and it sort of surprised me. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Well you need not be surprised, it will be something quite common when you are dealing with difficult situations perhaps. Geoff – Yeah I can understand that Miriam (Dr Paul) – And if that is the only question? Geoff – Only one for tonight, but I will think of some more. Miriam (Dr Paul) – You can ask more another night. Geoff – Thank you for clarifying that Miriam (Dr Paul) – I bid you goodnight and God bless you, and we are going to celebrate your achievement! Geoff – Thank you, that is excellent. Thank you Miriam (Ishmael) – Well, since I am here, this is Ishmael, I may as well say a few words and also add that I also am very pleased how you are progressing, I knew it wasn’t my turn to say anything tonight, but I wasn’t quite sure how much information you were going to be given, but isn’t it a wonderful thing? When you are one step higher than you were and then you wonder, can I possibly do the task that I have been given, but you will, yes you will, no doubt about that. You will all achieve your heart’s desire before you come to us, that I can assure you, it may not be at the speed you want, but achieve it you will. And how many people can do that before they come to us, not as many as we would like. But you will friend, you will, and now I also will go and join in the celebrations, I think we shall have to concoct one of our nectars, we can make, ah you haven’t tasted anything like it, you must taste what we can do, absolutely marvelous. Geoff – Yes I believe that, but can I just ask you one question before you go? Miriam (Ishmael) – You can Geoff – The first who spoke to me was Dr Chang, and the second one? Or was that also Dr Chang. Miriam (Ishmael) – It was Dr Chang, he was not going to give you as much as he did, so you should feel really honoured, and now I will go before I get another question. Geoff – Thank you

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