Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

How it will happen

9th Feb 2022.  Lesson continues to the separation of the good and the bad. One of the Guides is talking through Geoff

Now, we have this separation, which we have discussed before, the bad guys on one side, the good guys on the other. They are separating, so the new era can start. The new way of living. And it’s not something that’s going to happen in the next 5-10 years. It’s going to take many years to change over. Bit by bit it has to change. But it’s reached a stage now, where it’s almost there, where there’s going to be a lot of very bad events that will happen. A lot of people have changed. And you’ve got a lot of new people coming through and you two are coming through, learning different ways. 

But you are still going to get a lot of the ‘rich’ we will call them, that will take time to change and there will still be bad events, which will help correct the balance of the mistakes that they are making. So that will go on, but you will end up with the majority of people being good people. So they will have learnt the right way. So with the teaching that you will be doing now, you will teach so many people, who will teach others, who will teach others, who will teach their children, who will teach their grandchildren and so it goes on. So, just a couple of words today, in the right direction can go through generations. And that is how the change will take place. 

Now you Sharon, with your way of thinking, you are a mother who has dedicated her life to her son. You have a lot of empathy towards children, a lot of understanding of what should be happening etc. You will be working a lot with children around you as well. And helping direct them, working with the mothers and the children. Besides all the other things that you will be doing. That is what you have learnt and that is what you are very good at. And you have learnt that in other lifetimes as well. So, you will be helping a lot in that direction. What I am seeing there is a very smooth energy. Where there are not so many major corrections that need doing, but smaller corrections. Where people haven’t quite made the change that they want to, or developed in the lesson they want to learn. You have encompassing, large energy. You will be able to tune into pockets of energy which have been left here by other people and other generations. And those energies are in different dimensions, you will have access to those, and you will have access to a lot of group energy which has been created. And you will be able to use that group energy on groups of people, simply by the way you think on a day to day basis. You were talking just now about getting your ‘advertising’ out there, for your work, and that will happen with this sort of energy. It gets out there, and then it starts to spread. It’s the way you think which makes this happen, and that’s why you have been chosen to do this sort of work. 

Now I have a skeleton here, which must be symbolic. I can see the main ribcage, the head, the legs. It’s just a skeleton, and this relates somehow to what you have learnt in the past, is not necessarily what you are going to be using now. You’ve got all these new gifts, new energies and new abilities. And so, what is in the past, is literally an empty body. Don’t be afraid of using the new energies simply by thought. Because you think the right way, it will simply happen. You can’t do everything you want to do, but you will understand that you can only do what we ask of you to do, basically. You will understand, and it will flow through to the people.  The natural energies will flow as required. 

You felt the energy around your face. This will be a way of connection, to start with, in the future. When we want you to do something, to think about something, to tune in quickly, when we send energy through you, you will feel this little buzz of energy. That just means that we are there, we are doing what is required. You will soon get used to that, and then it just becomes even easier from there onwards. It’ll just be the thought that travels through you. 

In connection with the new way forward, the energy of the last few years, with covid, the finances that you had in 2008, which has carried on in this world, has made everybody very weary, very unsure of themselves, very down, very low. The new energy of course is going to be much lighter than that. There will be a lot more laughter and upliftment, as you go forward. You were saying earlier what the people want is simply peace of mind, joy, happiness, lightness, so they can enjoy every day. People are so bogged down in everything they are doing at the moment, they are all worried and this worry becomes a huge group energy. And it’s very difficult for us to dissipate all of that energy. It does happen with time and of course we have to leave some of it there because again, that is the way you learn. So going forward, the laughter, the new energy, the lighter vibrations, the lighter energy going through will cut through a lot of this. And this will be a way that people recognise who you are and how you can teach and how they will be drawn to you. Drawn to that much lighter brighter energy. And with your teaching, from both of you, that is what is going to happen and that is what is going to draw the people in. They will recognise that, and you will be able to get through to them much easier and on a much better basis. 

That is it for this evening but your mother over there is shaking her head. Wondering how you are going to take all of this in. She is laughing, she is so happy. For a change she waves. And a big kiss. She can’t resist. 


S: This is what mom must have meant when she said her readings were menial, they didn’t mean anything. She could see the bigger picture, that is what she meant. One on one is not enough anymore. We need to work faster, heal more, help more in groups. To make a faster chain reaction of healing and change. Mom saw what could be done and what was possible. She was comparing it as nothing, compared to what was possible. 

And it’s great how they can work through us to other groups. And that thought is creation. 

All goodness, humor and comedy raises the world’s vibrational energy.



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