Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



You create energy all the time. It may be energy for your favorite team to win the baseball game, or for an athlete to win the Olympic gold. Or could be anger towards your boss (negative energy) or love towards your partner. This is called Universal energy, and there is plenty of it. Just a thought creates the energy. This next creation of energy is the opposite. Let’s take Lady Di’s funeral. Millions of people watching the funeral procession from their homes. Millions of people feeling so sad at the loss of a special person, and so sad for the children and family left behind. How do you feel now, just remembering the event creates a sad energy. That sad feeling in the pit of your stomach is real, it is you creating energy. Universal energy is an all-purpose energy that you can convert to many things. It has a high vibration, and when you use it you convert it to an Earth vibration which is lower. You will naturally convert it to the energy that you want to create, just through the thought. When you see someone in trouble, you do not have to go and put your hands on them to heal them. You can just send healing thoughts, and immediately that energy is sent. The energy is general and not specific, but always does some good. A Spiritual healer takes it a step further. He will ask Spirit for help (And there are always plenty around) to heal better. Let’s say that I, as a healer place my hands on your head, and ask Spirit to help me heal your problem. They will bring in more specific energy for the healing that is needed. I am only a channel for that energy. They may decide to use vibration, energy, colors or sound just to name a few. I watch as they work, and experience what they are doing. This is just one of the ways that you can learn too. Spirit cannot heal directly, as we have free will on Earth. To ensure that this rule is not broken Universal Energy was created at a high vibration. The only way it can be used is through someone, where it is converted to the lower Earth vibration. The desire to heal initiates the process. When I first experienced this I was so excited. I could heal, and I had proved it, so what was next? I said to my Guide ‘If I can heal, and Universal energy is unlimited, then I can heal the World?’ He answered: ‘If you did indeed heal the World, then there would no longer be any dis-ease, and we would therefore no longer need healers. Then you take away the lessons of those understanding healing and dis-ease’, take away the lessons of giving and receiving, plus all the lessons that go with them. No- one would experience and then no-one would know. Do you want to take that away from them?’ He continued: ‘Rather let all experience the gift that they have, so that they may understand it, progress and evolve. That way each would be able to heal, understand and experience this form of love for the future and for generations to come’ Anyone can-do hands-on healing if they have the ‘desire’ to do so. As you progress you start to find many extensions to this. You may be able to converse with your Guides while healing and they can advise further action. This basic form of healing is not sent directly to your physical body, but via your spiritual body. To illustrate this let’s say that you are healing an open wound. If the healing were to happen instantly, you could create more damage initially. Can you imagine a wound that needs 20 stitches just snapping closed? The bruising would be horrible. So you heal the spiritual body which starts to pass on the ‘healing’ to the physical body, and at a suitable pace that the body can handle it and adjust to. You will find that the healing process will be speeded up compared to normal. There are healers that can heal instantly, and do so when needed. But this civilization has not yet reached the stage where they could accept this as an everyday occurrence. There are lots of other things too, such as, you do not want to heal a cold immediately, it has to run its course. But you can take away the sick feeling that the patient has, and you can speed up the process. There is also the emotional body, and the mental body that need healing too. Problems may have been caused by something that happened earlier on in your life, or from a past life. Physical problems may be linked to mental or emotional bodies, so you must be aware of what you are doing. I do not do the healing, I am merely a channel for those spirits that know what they are doing, and can work through me. ABSENT HEALING: This is where you simply send energy by thought. Your thought creates the energy, and it is delivered to the one you thought of. GROUP PRAYER: If you can create energy to heal, then imagine what a group can do (Remember the football game?) Group prayer does work. VOODOO: This is the creation of a negative energy. As an example you stick pins in a doll that looks like your boss. What you think will happen is that something bad will happen to him BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD WILL HAPPEN. So you create this energy and direct it to him. Luckily you will probably have not had much experience with this, and are not too sure whether or not it will work. The effect will be minimal, as this only really works if the person receiving it believes in it. He will probably just feel a little off color (sensing the negative) if anything at all. BLACK MAGIC: You should be able to figure this out by yourself now. It is the same creation of negative energy. Lastly, all our bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are all created to naturally heal us. If we feel love we heal faster, if our emotions are negative, it is to heal the emotional body so that we may recognise joy. Our sub- conscious mind is always ready to heal us. In some way or another we will be given signals from all these parts of us that we need to make some changes in our lives or attitudes – so even the most negative things can therefore bring about the most powerful healing!

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