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How the Change of the Earth will happen

Major change will take place over the next 10-11 years, complete change will finish with the next generation when most people will be in touch with 5D


Big Pharma will become small pharma, with the majority of people reverting back to natural healing.

Medical aids will become much much smaller and will include many natural medicines.

Hospitals will include Spiritual and natural healing.

Media will change dramatically as people will take a long time to trust any form of media again.

Attorneys will become members of the community helping solve disputes at reasonable prices.

Banks will close dramatically and digital currency will take over.  Barter will become common.

Billionaires will switch to manufacturing goods for the new era.

Investors (Old money) will see their finances dwindle with the closure of Banks, Big Pharma, Media, Hospitals and similar.

Police will be stretched thin as crime rises due to poverty. It then stabilizes and reduces as people start to support one another.

Armed forces will be essential to stabilize most Countries for the next 10 years.

Food will be grown without chemical additives, and will taste better, and have more positive energy.

Very little food will be exported, as foreign currency is not so needed.

Cattle and animals in the human food chain, will be fed natural foods without any chemicals or additives.  They will be slaughtered in a more humane way, so less negativity created in the end result.

The cessation of using chemicals in the soil will prevent negative energies being digested by cattle, and then passed on to humans.

Aliens are already among us – some are residing in various people, and learning from the change.

Many groups and civilisations are watching from close dimensions.

Religions will reduce dramatically as the new generation promotes the Spiritual side, and the introduction of Aliens.  Many will try and re-interpret their beliefs. Each Country will have a different outcome.

Spirituality is almost as fragmented as Religions, with people passing on information they believe is right. This will be corrected over the next 10-12 years as more people experience what they need to know.

Wars: Some will be completed with huge casualties; some will conclude with an easy peace due to financial and weather dramas. Very few new ones.

People will be shorter as less physical labor will be needed.                                                                                  Less obese as they move back to natural foods.

Spend less time at work due to automation – and more time socializing.

Eat far less meat – eat more local fruit and vegetables, and therefore healthier.

Grow their own food which will taste better and be far more nutritious.

New children coming down will be much smarter, and will concentrate on new technology, and getting back to nature.  The most recent generation (that are here now) will be teachers, next will be inventors of technology.

Transport will be mainly magnetic roads and railways, and driverless.

Nature will go through a huge change to reverse the damage done by the introduction of chemicals to the soil, plastics, poisons, de-forestation and climate change.

Rivers will extract negativity and negative memories, take them down to the ocean where they will be dissipated or converted to positive energy which becomes clouds, moves inland and then rain.

Animals will be more understood by the people – and treated far better.

Fish: Extreme weather will disrupt fishing for 2-3 years, and fishing stocks will expand nicely, and will become an excellent replacement for meat.

Energies: Many new energies will be needed for the change. Areas will be totally devasted by Floods, Fire, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and drought. They will then have the majority of negative energies removed from the area, and introduce a new energy suitable for the change.

Crystals: There are huge deposits of crystals beneath the earth surface, that contain energies from various planets. They will create an energy that can be used by many new “groups”

Energies stored in Mountains, the Ocean and beneath the Earth will also be used in vast quantities to re-create a better environment for the new era.

Memories that are no longer usable. 90% will be removed and only 10% left so we don’t forget why they were made. Positive energies will be left.

Passing over: This will eventually be more understood as people get to understand spiritual life, and less fear created in the elderly.

Passing over in the next 10 years. Because the change has a time sequence, and there is free will, people will pass over quicker than normal, and in groups. This is to allow suitable energies and memories to be replaced with the new era of thinking. Some of the groups that will play no part in the change are as follows.

The very elderly.

The mentally disabled, and some severely disabled, who were mainly here as lessons for their parents.

The Religious fanatics who will not change.

Those that have reached the extremes of poverty, cannot feed their children, and have given up hope.

Many will pass over from Wars, Urban conflicts and extreme weather.


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