Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


HOW THE OZONE LAYER WILL BE HEALED AND NEW LIFE CREATED In this series of meditations, we are being shown what will happen when the Earth changes on its axis. Sometimes a Guide channels and sometimes Geoff translates what he is seeing.  (Recorded in June 1997) Geoff:    They were telling me how to cure – how to heal scars.  It is like looking down on these tiny little brown ants – there are millions of them. Imagine the ants with red heads and pink bodies and they are very busy eating away, and you put that where the scar is and the scar is being created all the time.  It is memory – the mind tells the body to create the scar all the time – it does not get renewed. The human body does have a natural system to rejuvenate cells and skin and so on a continual basis and when a scar is put into for instance a face, the mind takes over and says that there is a scar there and it does not get replaced and it does not get healed. Now, let’s go into meditation and see what we get: Geoff:    They are going to start by showing us what happens when buildings get demolished etc. The main change as we know will not be all at once, but there will be lots of types of changes to different countries, and different areas, and because of the amount of people involved – although spirit can multiply – which means you don’t need one spirit to look after each person dying, one spirit can look after several people dying at once that is what I mean by multiplication.  So where for instance they are showing me a town or city being demolished, it will take one simple heavy vibration like an earthquake to demolish these buildings, and a certain amount of souls will pass over. When this happens, the spirits around the world will all focus their energy on one specific point, no matter where are, they all focus their energy for a short space of time on one specific city.  then the accident will occur, and the majority by far – it cannot be 100% because of freewill – but the majority by far that are those who are due to pass over, will do so, as you know about all time being “now” this is simply an event to be put into place. As you will see it here on earth, there will be many such events over this 3 year period which we have discussed before.  The majority will be nature, and others will be as a result of damage caused through nature, such as pollution and poisons etc. There is an awful lot as you can imagine to control. The majority of the plan will be completed, but it cannot of course be perfect. What I am seeing at the moment, which I really cannot understand as such – but up in the atmosphere – what I can see is an enormous…. not explosion, but an instant fire, like a flash of fire which will burn for a few seconds, and then disappear.  What it is, is various gasses moving up from inside the earth.  When earthquakes first started to occur, certain gasses come out, and they will come out from various fissures around the world, and they will collect right at the top of the atmosphere, and these gasses will form one – when they mix – will form one very explosive gas, and it will just need something to set it off.  This is “created” to a degree – not so much created for an event, and executed by spirit, but something which can be a force that can be utilised. I think what they are trying to say, is they can’t “create” an explosion on earth because of freewill, but they can make sure – they can push people to be in the right direction, to be in certain position at a certain time, and they can through suggestion, get people to move in different directions and do different things. This flash of light that will happen – it is a flash of fire, it is enormous, it will suddenly ignite, it will come downwards and it will burn a huge territory. And what they are showing me now is –  this fire coming down over the central Atlantic – it will immediately turn into steam – millions and millions of tons of water, and it is for a purpose – it will seal this hole in the ozone layer, because of the void it will leave as it happens it will pull  – it is like a huge overcoat around the world, it will pull it together and seal the gap in the ozone layer for the future, and millions of tons of water that will immediately turn into steam will go upwards, and allow the creation of oxygen which will replace the ozone that has burnt, sorry will replace the hole in the ozone layer. So the water will go up, replace oxygen whilst it is up there, with something to do with the heat that is up there, it will be hot, it should be cold, but it is hot therefore the water will condense and create oxygen, something along those lines.  Anyway it will fix the hole in the ozone layer. They seem to be taking me to a different department to see a different thing – it takes me a couple of minutes to get there to start seeing the picture, it is not like they are channeling through me, I have to see the picture, and then I can tell you, and I get a complete understanding of the whole thing as I see it. So give me a couple of minutes and I will go and see what it is. Ok the next one is volcanic eruptions.  What is inside the earth is layer upon layer of all sorts of things – nobody really knows because they have only been able to drill down a few miles – a very small percentage of the earth’s crust.  They assume what else is down there is hot and it is molten lava and molten rock. There are a lot of energies, nutrients, goodness, minerals, crystals –  minerals and crystals are very important –  there is a lot of life, compressed life where greenery has been compressed into oil, and we have only seen the oil that has been created near the surface, but as it is lower, the oil has been compressed far more and a life has started inside the oil, it is more alive, it has been able to breed, create, grow and it has a lot more,  I am trying to think of the words, when the earth was first started, it started with microbes, bacteria, atoms and so on, all these little things, that was the beginning of life…. And the same thing is happening inside the oil, it has been condensed so much, it has turned into oil, and life has started to form inside.  So when we have volcanic eruptions, they will be a lot deeper than normal, and this life will be brought to the surface, and spread out on basically a pot-luck basis – and where it lands, it will allow, the flora and fauna to grow again so much faster, because so much of the earth’s surface will have been damaged for a variety of reasons.  So this new form of life will allow things to grow so much faster. It will be solely for the Nature side, and it is designed to help nature, because when this event does occur – we have only been looking at what will happen with the human population, and the animals and so on but what about the nature side of it – it also needs additional assistance and energies and so on to get that side back on track, as it will have been severely damaged, and this is what this life in the oil will do. There are also various gasses trapped down there and elements – by elements they mean gasses which contain – different gasses which contain different types of air on a “goodness” basis. We seem to think of all air as being good, and everything else is a variety of different gasses which don’t have any specific uses….. but these gasses are very “energy-giving” and they will be released to create a much healthier balance in the earth’s atmosphere. The air has been so polluted over the years, especially over the last few hundred years with industrial coal, smoke, diesel, so these new gasses will help to cleanse the air and they will do this by automatic reaction, that will just spread and multiply as in the atom bomb it doubles in effect all the time, it creates a huge effect, the same thing will happen with these elements and nutrients that will come out into the air, and it will expand outwards, and it will encircle the whole earth very quickly, and the oxygen content of the air will change – not too much of a change because of the… …everybody was used to breathing it, the bodies need to adjust, but it will be a much healthier form of oxygen. The content of oxygen in the air will increase and along with it will come all these nutrients, and energies, and good things which will help rebuild the earth a lot quicker – will help humans develop and change quicker – will allow you to think a little bit clearer. As an example if you take pure oxygen into your body you get this sudden surge of energy, it is a similar sort of thing, so you are all being “upgraded” slightly, so that the human bodies will be able to look after themselves a little bit better, and grow a little bit stronger.  Because over the years they have been abused, the same as the air has been abused, so has the human body and every time you move from one generation to the next a certain amount of deficiencies are carried forward, and the human body is much weaker now than it used to be many years ago, so this will correct that balance. What I am seeing now is a huge fire, it’s a monstrous fire, it is probably like the size of England and it is burning ferociously as the smoke is very black.  Now the purpose of this is to cleanse the earth of a lot of negativities.   Whenever anything negative is created, it must reside somewhere, as you know negativity in your body will come out in a weak point – it is the same with different countries, towns, villages etc. There are all sorts of different negativities, now with the help of spirit, these negative things will be taken to one area.  Now the simplest way to deal with them is to burn them.  Because don’t forget, they have to be removed from this earth on a physical level and not on a spiritual level, on an earthly vibration and not a spiritual vibration –  and therefore they cannot simply be cleansed by using white light or spiritual energy – it has to be done on a earth level. So the energies will be directed by groups of spirit – now this is also something that the two of you will be involved in. Along with many many other groups you will simply over a short period towards the end of the change, re-direct all these negative energies which will have been released into the atmosphere in your dimension, and send them along a path so that they will all get together in a specific area – and it does not have to be on a land mass, it will probably be on water. As everybody works together, these groups of mediums and spiritual people, as they all send the energy towards one area, it will gather and start to circulate – a huge enormous circle of energy getting thicker and thicker. As the final negative energy moves into what is now a ball – a complete round ball of energy – very compressed, the compression is so high that it will force it to ignite, and it will start to burn.  There will be plenty of oxygen on hand, and nature’s natural balance to allow this negativity to burn ferociously and fast and it will simply be destroyed.  The black smoke that is created as a result of this, then earth’s natural vibrancy, the earth’s new healthiness to put it in the wrong sort of words, will take care of the smoke, and convert it back to nothing.  This will be right towards the end of the change, and you know that when this happens it is now time for the new life to begin and minds will start to change. Now this is an interesting point, we have got to the end of the 3 year period when this occurs. People have been seeing a vast amount of horror, terror, destruction, fear, negativity all sorts of things, and they are trying to come to terms with it, and over a 3 year period they are accepting far far more than they used to.  Spiritual people of course understand this, the majority of them do anyway, others will still be confused.  So when we get to this final turning point at the end of 3 years, people’s minds in a group will change. If I can give you an example of an arena where for example at a game of football with 70 000 people all cheering, they are all using the same energy, and they are all creating more and more positive happy energy or however the game is going, they are working as a group and you have this tremendous group energy. One influences the next. So towards the end of this 3 year period when everybody starts to change, and then things start to get a little bit brighter – a little ray of hope then everybody’s energies start to connect, and groups will form and everybody will turn to the more positive, and turn to the new era where things will be a lot brighter. There will be hope on the horizon, where for 3 years they have suffered the most tremendous strain, fears, negativities and all sorts of things, so they will see this hope, it will start to change the world, and that will be the beginning of a new very happy era.  People will get such joy out of simple things like a whole field beginning to grow again, just with something simple such as grass, whereas before it was barren as it had been destroyed. That coming through is now a beautiful thing, and they will learn very fast how beautiful nature can be. Because the financial side of the world would have been completely destroyed, and will have to be rebuilt from scratch. So people will see the changes in nature first of all.  As this beautiful wonderful event happens all over the world, almost in the same period over……. difficult to give you a time…… 3-10 months in the different areas – as all this happens, people themselves will start to change because now they are seeing something beautiful, and happy, and after this long struggle that they have had, this makes them feel so good that they send out a new vibration, they are far more…. they want to help each other, because the financial side has been destroyed, they have time for each other, they help each other with these beautiful events inside and – it makes them give out a new loving energy…..  which is the beginning of the new era – it progresses onwards from there. I will look for the next: As you know there is total freewill on earth, and spirit cannot directly interfere – can suggest, but total free will must be in place at all times so that people can develop. Now out there in the universe, there are thousands of other planets and universes that have developed at a far, far greater speed than earth has, because there has always got to be from one extreme to the other. So there are planets with what you would call alien life forms, which have developed far beyond anything you could imagine.  They are now looking at this universe, and because of their experience that they have had, they can see the changes about to happen on Earth. They are also (because they are so advanced) – the majority are directly in touch with the other dimension –  spirit –  and therefore living in the equivalent of an earthly vibration, human and physical vibration, being so advanced, they can assist very easily.  Therefore the human race still has complete free will, spirit is not interfering, but other human races are coming to assist – those that are far more advanced. They watch from outside of the earth’s atmosphere, they will watch the earth’s changes take place, and will assist where necessary.  It is the same as us, the United Nations here for instance, overseeing countries in Africa – they will come to assist when needs be. Because they are more developed, more advanced…….. a more advanced race\country. So these aliens will be…….there are 3, 4, 5 different ways in which they will help. Some will have an alien craft outside of the earth’s atmosphere, and will directly assist with physical machinery – advanced technology – they will assist with the changes, and correct imperfections. They will see themselves as “balancing”.  Others will do it by using their minds from their own planets, using group minds, but not just one planet but several planets linked together through a group mind…very, very advanced species.  They can change physical objects on a planet such as this, from vast distances away simply by using their minds. They do not want to this – they would never do this on a normal basis, because they are so far advanced, it would destroy their type of evolution – they have advanced to such a stage that they have such a great understanding that they would not use their knowledge where it was not essential.  This is very difficult to describe with us having just an earthly knowledge of ordinary people and not such an advanced civilisation. So they would see something happening on earth, and they would simply change it for the good of the growth of the species on earth – this is how they would look at it.  They view not only earth, but also the whole universe or many universes they are able to see and assist in their lifetimes.  So there will be this interaction with other planets, other universes, other species, and also with other dimensions.  We have always discussed the two main dimensions which is earth, spirit or heaven as most would call it, but there are other dimensions in-between, which you have not yet been taught. (We have now)  You have seen or experienced a few small things but generally you have not had the experience or knowledge of these other dimensions but believe me they do exist.  These other dimensions will come in with their own forms of energy, and assistance, and from that particular dimension which in turn will help our dimension. If I can expand on one of these other dimensions, telepathy – you have heard of it, and it has been used quite frequently, and has proved to be in existence. If you can expand and improve of what you know of telepathy, you can send very strong messages to different people or to different groups.  As an example you have a war here on earth – you have two sides fighting, maybe each side is 50 million people. An advanced civilisation can by using telepathy – which does not break the laws of freewill – they can use telepathy to put thoughts into either sides minds, to either stop the conflict or the war, or to escalate it quicker, so it will reach its conclusion quicker to save many lives and bloodshed by having a long drawn out war. It can also influence the minds of leaders, where decisions are taken under pressure, and are maybe wrong. These life forms can send suggestions, which with their superior wisdom, may help to sway a Government or a leader in his or their decision, and do it for the good of the development of the human race. It is not a general policy to interfere, but as you will bring up children or animals, or people of your own race who are a bit more “primitive” than you are, you will assist them in the same way as we would assist or intervene telepathically on this earth – only for the good in a situation such as this where a major change is going to take place – normally we would never interfere, we would let society learn its lessons and progress as per normal. Verna: “May I ask you a question on that”? Geoff: (Channeling)    Yes you can. Verna:   “Because I get asked it in meditation, we all have spiritual guides, guardian angels and exactly how much are you allowed to guide us without interfering?” Geoff: (Channeling)    In your stage of development, you will choose the lessons which you want to experience on a specific planet.  The experiences you want to go through, to experience them and therefore learn from them. So you are… you put yourself in a position where you will be born to people, and will go through an event or several events, which will give you the experience that you want.  Guides are simply there to assist you in going through those events – “guiding” you through those events.  If you decide to turn away and walk in another direction, nothing can be done – it is your inner soul which drives you, and makes you either turn away, or go through those events. And they will simply assist you wherever possible to guide you through those events, but they do not have control – only you have control over your own body. If in your development through your earlier lives, you had let’s say a fear of water in one of your earlier lives, you would not want to be born where you would live on water –  because there you would live continually in fear, and not learn. You would rather experience a life on land, where maybe you went out onto the water to learn to overcome your fear of water – you would not put yourself in a position you could not win. So you would decide on the experiences you want in each specific life, knowing that you should be able to handle them, they will maybe push you to a limit, but you are pretty certain you can handle them therefore you decide and 99% of the time they are successful. “Does that answer your question clearly”? Verna:    Yes thank you. Geoff:  (Channeling)    Through this event, in the years preceding this event, and the years afterwards, many children will be born around the world. These children – to put it basically will be “upgraded” versions of what is available at the moment. They will come down –  they are chosen children, selected children, and they will come down, and be born with an attitude and understanding, with experience of past lives, so that the whole group as such will start to develop on a far higher level, than that of the human race at the moment. They will be a more kind, more loving, more in touch with themselves etc to bring along this new race on earth, to start it off the correct way – they in turn will influence others. So this changeover is a very major event, not just for what is happening on the earth itself – but for the souls that are developing and have developed for several lives before, on this particular planet. Verna:   Lots have already been born haven’t they? Geoff:  (Channeling)    Yes that is right – and that is why you are able to see in various children – and the way that they are growing – you are able to recognise the goodness in them by the energy that they give off…and you especially with your experience, can do this. As always there is healing to be done. Because of free will on earth, several of these children will have mishaps and so on, and you and you will many times in the future be called upon to assist these children. You do all the time of course in astral assist us in what needs to be done –but there will be times in the very not too distant future where you will be able to heal physically those that need it, and you will especially in the next few years be brought children in need of healing – very important to the overall picture. And you will be able to teach others to assist as well, in healing these new souls coming down to Earth. They will bring with them a light and energy, and an understanding that will start to improve this particular dimension. They will start to put energy into this earth which will be stored, and used at a later time, as will all spiritual people, and as has been done for many many years but they will start to exude a strong loving energy which you will be able to see –  in particular you can see this where there are groups of children in schools in the future – this is very important – you will see a school as you drive past one, and you will see a ball of energy over the school, because there are so many if these new children together in one place. And you can imagine as they develop what will happen. As the change finalises and those that need to pass over have done so, what will be left is a much brighter stronger energy, a strong gold colored energy – that is how you will see it. And the new life will begin. There is something else – maybe not to do with the changes – so we will leave that section and see what else they want to say. Geoff:    There is a huge ball of black energy – it is moving but there is nothing coming from it. So I am going to go over there and go inside it. This is very important……. The work we are doing now, and what we will be doing in the future. We are starting the process, preparing for the process early – and as with all things in life, there is positive and there is negative, and our assistance in the creation of this change – the positive work that we are doing right at this minute, even recording these tapes, will attract negativity towards us. This negativity is not to be feared, as it is a natural event – it comes towards us and stops – because we are encompassed in white light – the negativity is dormant, this will be explained more fully later, but it is simply a negative energy that has not yet been used. It is naturally drawn towards us being an opposite – what you must do at the end of each of these meditation sessions besides closing your centers, which you know etc. When you close I want you to expand the white light outwards and you will simply destroy a certain amount of this negativity that is drawn towards you every time. Verna: This is odd because when we started I got children – a row of little girls in pink dresses, and they were dancing, but I could see beneath the ballet dresses that they were really horrible – and I got this anger and this viciousness, animosity and negative energy, and I said a prayer and felt it leave my solar plexus, but I filled up with this energy, and then I white lighted everything and I felt inner peace – Geoff:  (Channeling)    Yes – there is nothing to be afraid of whatsoever – it is not an energy which is active or living – put together of managed – they are simply pieces of negative energy drifting together – you will see them in various forms –  as you have just done. Should you ever forget to expand the energy outwards after a meditation, you will simply feel a little unease, but nothing of the negative nature, but it is possible – as you have just experienced – so simply expand the white light outwards, and you will destroy a certain amount of energy each time. If you do this every time after meditation, what you will be doing over the years is destroying a certain amount of negativity which is there. Maybe one evening we will connect you to various other centers around the world, where energy will be gathered, and each of you will take it in turns to experience destroying the various forms of energy. It is a mundane task but one which will produce some very nice results eventually, it will certainly help – it is a bit like weeding the garden – so much can be destroyed very quickly. That is all we have to say for the evening – we would like to thank you so much for taking the time and for listening to what we have to say. And for the understanding of your open minds. Verna:   We feel very privileged and honored Geoff:  (Channeling)    And on that note we say goodbye for now. Verna:   I will just finish off this tape by saying that the whole room is shimmering with white light – it is like when the sun reflects off of sand and all the tiny flecks of light sparkle everywhere – it is in the air right throughout the room, it’s incredible…….

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