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HOW TO FIND A PARTNER   By SpiritualDictionary.com

There are many variations here. Firstly you chose this life, and you may have chosen to live it without a partner (Very rare) or that you wanted various experiences\lessons before meeting your soul mate (Common) or maybe you even chose to make mistakes, or experience divorce. You have total free will on earth, and you chose the lessons you wanted to learn. When you fall in love you know it…there can be no mistake. A common mistake is someone who thinks they are in love, because they have not experienced real love. Let’s say the range of love goes from 0 to 100%. You love someone 70%, but because it is the highest you have ever experienced you think it must be 100%. If you have ANY doubts, then it is not 100%…tricky, isn’t it? You also give off an energy. You have met people who you take and instant dislike, or liking too You will really know when the right person comes along for you. As to how you will meet that partner…there are no directives. One thing is for sure is that you must be yourself, your real self…not the image that you think your partner would like to see. You must not change for your partner either. Be aware of their likes and dislikes, that is fair, but always be ‘Who you really are’ This way, when you find your soul mate, you will be 100% content and happy…Plus the love, and SO WILL THEY… And that is the way it should be.

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