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How to live in the now

28 March 2022    Living In the NOW

In this meditations Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

 G: Ok, I’m getting a picture but it hasn’t developed into anything yet  It was very clear in the beginning. We started off at the big waterfall right at the top. This is the waterfall in our peace Centre. It’s a nice big waterfall. And as we, the camera sort of rolls back, there is a series of smaller steps, each one is a small waterfall, going down down down down. The camera goes back further and it runs into the sea. And the sea is just massive. And what they are saying is right at the top at the waterfall, is your peace center, then you have all these things it goes through, and right at the end you have got a peace Centre.

This may be a life cycle? Maybe what we experience on Earth? So going from that point to that point in different ways. Maybe small at the top and big at the bottom. Which means you have learnt along the way. And each small waterfall you come down, each one is a different experience. It could be good or bad or whatever. Now either side of these small waterfalls is just a massive forest, on  either side;  and behind the forest is a mass of mountains.

So let’s go to the top one. And then we will drop down into the first pool, the first waterfall. And just see if there is anything there. And the first one is nice and comfortable, it’s nice and cool, it’s a nice experience. And we go down into the second one. And that is pretty much the same but it is not so exciting because we have already been there done that, and we go down to the next one and the next one and the next one, and then it sort of diminishes. Then you get to the next one, and you have expectations. You think it is going to be pretty much like the last one, and then as you go over, it is, and it sort of gets boring and you get annoyed and you get angry, because of the Expectations, instead of just enjoying every one as it happens.

S: Expectations disappoint us. That is why we shouldn’t have expectations, we should live in the now.

G: Yes that seems to be what it is like

Now as we come farther down, I start to tumble down over these waterfalls and that’s the nasty area. Where you’ve sort of lost interest and expectations aren’t working and you tumble down and tumble down. And when you get closer to the bottom, the pool starts to get bigger. And the drop is not so much. Suddenly it becomes more comfortable again. And you enjoy the comfort, although it is only a little bit better, it’s the difference between bad and a little bit better than bad. And your expectations sort of go the next way, or they, there are still expectations but they are going the other way. And the next one is a bit better, and better and better. And we get all the way down to the sea. Mmmmmm.

So how does this help us at the moment?…… Like he was saying “Just enjoy the NOW”.

S: Enjoy the now. And also teach people to let go of expectations, wants and needs and all that energy. So to put the message across to let go of that energy and just live in the now. For us, it’s  what we are pretty much doing now, is living in the now.

G: Very much so.

S: But it’s to teach people

S: it’s Eckhart Tolle that really is trying to get the message across to people about living in the now. That’s pretty much what that is. It’s like we live in a world of expectations and thinking that we are owed and of what we want, instead of looking at what we have got, being grateful for having the money…like today, if you have to spend all your money on hardware or whatever, be grateful that you have that money to spend on that hardware. So it’s bringing gratitude in, it’s getting rid of expectations of the want, and instead of the need and supporting each other and getting back to the energy of just being happy, just being.

G: Yes, there is no reason to stress, but we do. Because when you think about it, the rent is due tomorrow and not today. That sort of thing. So why worry about it. It’s a natural thing that we do.

S: It is, because we don’t, yeah. When I was doing my massages and all of that, the months where I didn’t think about money, are the months that I had enough money. When I did focus on money, at the end of the month I was trying to scrape money together. So it’s often when we focus on something, we are focusing on the lack of it, rather than the want of it. When we are focusing on other things, other energies flow organically.

G: So this overall picture, I can understand that. It’s pretty straight forward, how you go through life but I’m just looking to see if there is more to that. Maybe it leads us more into something else, let’s see what we can see.

Ok, all these feelings we create are meant to be there. Upstairs, you’ve got, it’s all calm, there’s love etc. and you don’t have any problems as such. You come down here to experience problems, because you only learn through experience. And they are good and they are bad. But even when they are good, things are relevant.  Like somebody who has 10 million and he is down to his last 1 million. It is relevant to him. So, these experiences, you are going to go through with any life that  you have. And what you are doing is experiencing each one and then deciding how you are going to handle that one. But let’s look at the overall picture. If you can experience in the end, that you know that these are tests coming up, and you know you are going to get past them. Some you win, some you fail, some you experience. If you looked at it that way then you wouldn’t have to worry about it and you simply go through them.

S: And you wouldn’t carry the burden of it.

G: Yes. If you look back at all the disasters you’ve had in your life, especially recently with the financial ones, where you didn’t think that you would survive and somehow you got through it. And they are over. Even when it was the worst. You are still over it and things have changed and you carry on.

So maybe, if we looked at it that way, if we were able to look at it that way, and then look ahead, you will see a series of obstacles which are ahead of you, but you are not going to worry about those obstacles, because you know you are going to get past them. And therefore you evolve.

Therefore you are living in the now. You are enjoying the now. You are not worried about the past or the future.

S: That is acknowledging the capabilities you have and the support you have, be it spiritual support, human support, whatever. Acknowledging what you are capable of and then not worrying about what isn’t real and true.

G: mmmm. When you think about each problem that you have, what you do is you think about the best way to get around that problem. You can’t do more than that. And that’s what you experience, did that work, didn’t work, did you learn more, and so on. So there is nothing more you can do. So it’s pointless to worry and stress about it. Simply live in the now and enjoy the now. Which is basically what we are doing at the moment.

Now, the whole thing suddenly expanded into, not the little waterfalls going down, it has expanded to everything around that. Basically as we saw yesterday, all the different energies and colours and everything from A to Z,  all moving around, all around us. And that, we can use.

Now in the beginning, of course they are very closed up because they are new to you, when you replace where we are at the moment, we can use all these energies around us to simply move forward and it is not a matter of using the energy to create money, it’s using the energy to get over the problem with more ease.

S: yes.

G: Ok. Now you start to do this, it’s a bit like you were saying just now, you mustn’t worry about things that happen and you do. Our biggest concern if you’re looking at the overall picture, is only financial. If you look outside of the financial there is nothing that we have any concerns about, so we only have one thing to worry about, which is financial.

Now there is another bit of something. I’ve gone off into a road that is buried in the snow. It’s buried in some ice and it’s buried down there, I can see it. That is something you had which is lost, so it is something that you went through, and you spent too much time stressing about it, instead of enjoying the moment.

Mmmm, strange one tonight, now I’ve got a huge hole in the ice, massive hole, must be 100 feet across. Looking down it’s just blackness. And this is negativity which is our creation. When you create something, and Hillary is a good example  at the moment, where you’ve got something negative which becomes bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, because you worry and stress about it, you are actually making it grow and helping it to expand. Now let’s look at the opposites of that, where we have a problem which is let’s just say paying the rent, how do we make that smaller? Now if you don’t worry about it, that is very hard to do, but..

 S: You don’t focus on it.

Yes, you don’t focus on it. Because it is inevitable what is going to happen will happen, so deal with it the best way possible

S: And ask what can we be or do to change that?

G: yes.

If you have this problem and using rent as an example. And they are saying, “if you don’t tell them that you can’t pay the rent, nothing can be done to solve the problem. Once you say that you can’t pay, then you have got two people looking at different ways to solve the problem. It’s not really as simple as that, but you get the idea. So, a problem halved is a problem shared.




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